February 2nd, 2007


Military Draft in Germany during World War II

I'm writing a story, of which a segment may require a character to join the army in Germany. Since I can't have him join for ideological reasons (he is necessarily ambivalent about certain Nazi doctrines), the most convenient way for this to happen is if he's drafted. Saves me work if there was a draft in Germany at the time, but I haven't been able to confirm it via the internet. Wikipedia doesn't mention it. And googling for germany+draft+World War II gives me vintage technical drawing supplies at best... *headdesk*

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Post-decontamination clothing

This is following on from my question earlier this week about a bioterrorist attack in a modern-day London tube station.

I gather from my research that the fire service has protocols for decontamination showers and for collecting potentially bio-hazardous clothing. So what would they give you to wear after that? (They're taking the victims off to be examined and quarantined) And, more difficult to answer, do they provide ethnically sensitive clothing? One of my protagonists is a muslim and she normally wears a hijab (headscarf) which she will be loathe to go without. I figure worst comes to worst they could give her a spare towel/t-shirt and she can wrap that round her hair.

Searches for this mostly turn up hazmat suits and that kind of thing, or just instructions on how the decontamination should be carried out.
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Complications in Respiratory Trauma

ETA: Thank you all so much for the input and the resources. I ended up having to completely re-write the scene in order to make it realistic but it saved me from making an error which would have been patently obvious to the target audience.

This is a follow-up on my original question.

Scene/Setting: mid 1990s, rural setting (they're just coming up out of an extremely isolated high desert/mountain terrain), en route via ambulance to a reservation clinic. This is a modern western, but that doesn't have much impact on the question at hand. The patient is a fifteen year old who has been shot twice with a compromised airway. The patient has already crashed. She was doing fine on oxygen and then her vitals just went down the tubes. The paramedic (yes, I'm already aware that they likely wouldn't have had one but the reason she's there is already accounted for in the story) is about to intubate and put in the chest tube (also taken care of via story line and research --- she has the okay from the person who handles the paramedics' protocols).

Searches and web pages used: deviated trachea, pneumothorax, intubation, chest tube, ALS procedures, airway maintenence, tension pneumothorax. I found articles at Wikipedia, MedlinePlus, WebMD, Cascade Hospital, and University of Virginia Health Systems. However, none of them are specific enough for the information I need.

What I need: When the assessment is done, what gets done first: the intubation or the chest tube? Is it even possible to intubate with a deviated trachea? Is it even necessary to intubate if the chest tube takes care of the tension pneumothorax? If not, what are they going to do to keep her breathing in the field? Also, one article says that bag-mask ventilation is used WITH intubation but the other indicates that intubation is a superior procedure and would suffice by itself. Which way is correct?

None of these procedures need to take long; they're not far from medical help, they're just too far out to safely manage her condition and wait until a physician can get to her.