January 31st, 2007



In my fictive world (oh God, secret-service-people who are bugging me, please read that first bit) which is very much like our own, there is a bioterrorist attack on a London tube station. I would like the disease to be rapid-paced(ish) and nasty.

Wikipedia suggests one set of agents; the WHO another. I was planning on using Ebola/Marburg fever based on their plain yuk/fear factor (and virulence, contagion, speed, unfamiliarity, lack of easy cure...), but the WHO doesn't have them listed. Why is this? What can you suggest I do? Advice?

Similarly, what would a bio-bomb look, smell, and sound like, before and after detonation? Fictional references accepted here. I've read in one book that it could be as simple as a raw egg dropped on the ground, but I'm thinking for decent dispersal (and, you know, drama) a proper whooshy explosive might be better...?
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A "date movie" in Japan.

In Japan, does the concept of something being a good "date movie" exist? Would it be the same as in the U.S.?(Here the idea is that it's a romance or light comedy, or so I've always thought...) What about an American movie like that, would that be a common thing to see on a first date? Or does it really matter at all?

Setting is contemporary Tokyo; the characters are a male and female college student; he is extremely socially inept and usually spends all his time watching anime and playing video games, which she hates. I don't need a specific movie, since I probably don't want to pinpoint the year; I just want to know the lines he might be thinking along as he tries to figure out where to take her.

Googled "Japan date movie" and "Japanese date movie" but mostly got hits for the film "Date Movie."
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Walking Speeds & Distance

Time/Place: Post-apocalyptic North America

I've googled all this but I just want to make sure that it's believable, and sadly, I don't know anyone who hikes *cries*

My character is a woman in amazingly good shape who walks everywhere. She is with 3 other people who are in reasonably good shape but have never hiked long distances.

They're not in a big hurry so I'm figuring about a half hour per mile with fully loaded packs. They will be walking on relatively level ground, no real hills to speak of. I want them to start out about an hour pre-dawn, hike for about 4hrs, take a break for maybe an hour mid-morning, hike for another 4-ish hours, stop for about another hour or so early afternoon-ish, and continue on until dusk when the make camp for the night. It's early autumn, so I'm figuring about 11 hours of sunlight.

I'm figuring they would cover about 20 some-odd miles, the main character will be fine (she's used to this) and the other 3 will be bone tired and somewhat sore the next morning.

Is this reasonable and believable?


ETA: Got it figured that they will go about 10 miles the first day and probably work up from there as the other 3 get into hiking shape, since they really aren't in any big hurry. Muchas thanks for the help ^_^

a half-remembered fairy tale and tying a kimono

Okay, I've got two stories going at once, and they're both stuck. -.-";;;

Question 1: For a story I'm writing, I want to reread and perhaps quote a fairy tale I heard long ago. I've been through about 200 Brothers Grimm fairytales with no luck. Here's what I remember about it. In the story, a couple is childless and desperate. They go to a witch, who promises them children in exchange for a specific first or secondborn child. My sister says this is also a Disney movie, but neither of us have enough details to google this well. Please help me with at least the title of the story!

Question 2: Another one of my characters is wearing a kimono for the first time. I want to go into detail about how to put one on. However, I can't find a good website using English terms or at least good pictures of tying a kimono. They talk about all these Japanese pieces that I've never heard of. I've googled "tying a kimono," "tying an obi," etc., and tried WikiHow and Answers.com as well.

You guys helped me promptly and gave me great answers the last time I inquired. I'll be terribly glad for any help.