January 29th, 2007

Making you into a dream
  • curtana

The value of money in many historical settings

I thought I'd pass along this handy page I found this evening: Current Value of Old Money. It collects a large number of links that strive to answer questions like "How much would X have cost in blah-time-and-place?" and "How much would so-and-so make a year?" and "How much of something would unit-of-currency buy?" for settings as diverse as Victorian England and Imperial Rome. Though largely European and North American in focus, there also look to be a few on Asian prices. Hopefully this will prove helpful!

Mythology recomendations....

This is going to be a little vague and I apologize. There isn't a specific time or cultural references mostly because I'm looking for archetypes rather than specifics.

I've been googling age, aging, mythology, initiations, and transformation. I've found a lot if I wanted to write about a were' of some sort, but nothing fits.

I'm sending a hero out into the woods, he will follow and animal and meet a crone and be changed by these things, but he's a grown man, in his forth decade, not a boy.

Does anybody know of any folk tales about older men changing their lives?

Sleazy neighborhoods in NYC

Okay, I need a general address to put a character's apartment in New York City in the 1930s. Maybe just a street name, but it needs to be the sort of place where a somewhat conspicuous man who doesn't want to be noticed could have lived without attracting attention.

I'd actually appreciate any sort of street name where someone might have lived in that era. I basically don't want to have this guy living in a department store or something like that, but he makes a living writing pulp stories, so the detective that's tracking him might as well find himself going through a seedy part of town.