January 26th, 2007

Question regarding an intersex condition

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Hopefully this is the kind of question that can be posted here.

OK, here's my question.

He obviously has an intersex condition. He was initially raised female, but lives as a man. Whatever he has down below, his wife isn't complaining - then again, he might be very good with his hands :)
He can't sire children. He knows he's different, and has always known. He presents as a normative male but with a slightly higher voice than usual, and somewhat more feminine features than usual, with no body hair.

Initially I thought that he might be XXY, but XXY genitals don't appear all that ambiguous... is it possible?

I've also thought "true hermaphrodite" (mosaic or chimera), or 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency in which case he would begin appearing male after puberty - but that wouldn't account for the more XXY-typical phenotype.

What specific intersex conditions can cause a person (socially gendered male) to have a phenotype similar to XXY, and yet have ambiguous genitalia?

I have Googled, PathGuy'ed, eMedicined, etc. this question for YEARS. Really. Four years later, I'm not certain what intersex condition this guy has - it will never once be mentioned in my story, but it would sure settle things in my mind...
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Storms; New York's UN headquarters

I have googled and wiki'd and it's making me sore. There are no indications for either question I need answered, no matter what I search, and without the answers my would-be book is a literary miscarriage.

Question 1: How long would a storm in the North Atlantic (right off of Newfoundland, for detail's sake) have to consistently build in ferocity before it would be recognized by trained weather-watchers as something unnatural (or at least massively outside the normal parameters for storms in that area)?

Question 2: Just how large a spaceship could land on or near the United Nations headquarters in New York (you'd THINK it would be easy to find, but nooooo) without damaging any buildings (broken statuary acceptable if it can't be helped by a spaceship of any reasonable size for a first-contact team)?

The setting is 2012, Our Earth, in case that helps.
  • trepkos

Sex shops in LA in 2000/1

Can anyone give me the names of any sex shops that were open in LA in 2000/1 - gay sex shops preferred but any will do.
If the shop has a silly name, all the better.

Many thanks.

I searched for "sex shops in LA", but bizarrely, that didn't tell me anything; but even if it had, I doubt it would have told me whether the shop was there 7 years ago.
And I phoned a friend who gave me the names of some international sex shop chains and I googled those, but none of them seemed to be in LA.

Irish (Galway) baby talk for Angel/Spike story

I'm writing an Angel/Spike story in which, for kinky purposes I won't describe here, I need to know the baby talk words Angel would have grown up with (he was turned into a vampire in 1753); it would be words a parent would use when referring to a toddler or preschooler's 1) buttocks/bottom, 2) penis, and 3) the act of urination. It doesn't need to be super specific to the time period, but the kinds of language Angelus would use if he acted as Spike/William's "Daddy" in the 1880's. Oh, and if there's a specific word for the "dresses" little boys wore before "breeching" around age 5, that would be useful too.

I tried looking for dictionaries online and basically kept being referred back to the same ones or sent to sites w/ short lists of terms for tourists or slang dictionaries that were adult slang.
Me 001

Losing one's job.

Setting for the story: Present day, Melbourne, Australia.

My google-fu is weak. A character of mine is losing her (computer programming) job because the company is "downsizing". The problem is, I know not much about how career discussions go, what with my never having had a job (no, I'm not 14 years old - I'm just disabled :)).

So how would an employer go about breaking this news to an employee? What would be said? How does it work?

Space ship logistics.

Not sure how to research this one, just trying to get people's guestimates/impressions. Setting is, um, Earth something like 200-500 years from now.
We have a large space voyage, that will take 5 to 10 years, with the possibility of no other human contact for the duration (this is the first time they're checking on colonies that were sent out by older, slower FTL ships). This is an extremely planned voyage, with Relevant Experts calculating a balance of weight, resources, expertise, psychological factors, and so forth. But I'm trying to figure out, just as a general ballpark, how many people there should be.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is the smallest reasonable number with enough people for relatively normal group social dynamics over extended periods. These are carefully selected volunteers and all, but these people don't want a squillion-dollar mission aborted or lost because their pshrinks misjudged someone. And, of course, enough people for redundancy of key functions would be A Good, so they're not all dead if the wrong person kicks it.
Any reasonable guesses, or advice on how to get someone else's reasonable guesses?