January 22nd, 2007

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MOD POST: new posting format

No one screamed bloody murder when I mentioned a new posting format for the community in my last mod post, so I'm going to go ahead and do it. This is the tentative form:

Setting (time and place):
Search engine and keywords used:

blah blah blah question goes here

Any other relevant info?

All posts from now on will be required to use this form. I'll put it on the user info in a couple of days, after I see what concerns you guys might have. Once I put it on the user info I'll give everyone another couple of days to catch on before actually enforcing it.

The user info will have a note that fantasy/science fiction writers should give us an equivalent if one exists (such as "fantasy, based on medieval europe"). There will also be a note about context and other sources looked for/consulted often being relevant.

ETA: It's probably a good idea to glance over the comments before adding your own concerns, because they might have been brought up already. =)

ETA AGAIN: Brilliant move, yeah? I hope those of you who saw that post before I managed to delete it at least got a laugh out of it.
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The Lord's Prayer and testosterone

Would someone raised in a secular christain household (by the kind of people who celebrate Christmas and Easter, have read their children the nativity story etc., but don't go to church) know the Lord's Prayer at all?

At which point during a Catholic service is the Lord's Prayer usually said?

I have a character, a woman living as a man (but not FTM), who has been taking testosterone for almost a year. What kind of physical changes would she have by this time? Also, if she were forced to stop without warning, how long would it take for the effects of this to start showing, and what would they be?
Baby Cthulu

Handicapped Travel

I'm looking for information on how does a person that is wheel chair bound (paraplegic/quadruplegic) go through custom. I recently had to fly to Indiana, so I know how a regular person goes through custom with taking off of jackets, sweaters, shoes, jewelries, and things. I also visited sites for travelling policies. I couldn't find any informations on what is done when a severely handicapped person go through custom.
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Apocalyptic cities?

Setting (time and place): Character is in 2007, so reference can be to a film any time before that.

Search engine and keywords used: Google, and a whole string of combinations of movie titles, apocalypse, city, fire, furnace, destruction, iron, etc etc etc ad nauseum. >_<

Okay, so, I need a throwaway reference to an apocalyptic city of the cyberpunk/industrial hell sort of persuasion. Preferably a movie/TV show rather than anime or book.

I've a really strong image in my head of a scene where the camera pans down from a whole lot of dark grey iron towers, rough and spiky, and then down into darkness where the only light is glowing red from fires and embers in furnaces; there are no people, just machines. But I cannot for the LIFE of me work out if this is actually from a movie. Something like the pod scene from the Matrix might work, but it's not perfect, and I can't remmeber whether there's a better scene of the robots' city in one of the other two Matrix movies.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Anime images...

This is kind of a strange question and it's driving me nuts. It's tricky to google, so I thought I'd at least try here to see if anyone could help.

Does anyone remember how MTV used to show anime all the time, back in the early 90s? I was a kid then and the shows used to freak me out. Heh.

But there are a few images left in my mind from those shows that have inspired me to write a strange story. The problem is, I may not even be remembering them right, and since they're fuzzy, I don't even know what the anime is now.

Three scenes stand out in my head. They may even be the same anime.

I was hoping perhaps someone here would recognize them and help me out... Thanks in advance!

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Do those sound familiar to anyone? All of them were dramatic and seemed to be shounen/action, but I could be wrong.

Oh and...

Collapse )


FINAL EDIT: Thanks to resources given and multiple comms working together, I think I've figured out all four. For anyone interested, though this is so random I'm thinking probably not, the four anime in order to the best of my knowledge are:

Aeon Flux, Tank Police, Iria and Chouja Raideen

Thanks for the help!
Abandon, Dance

Museum Collection Management Software

Setting (Time & Place): Now, San Francisco, Fictional Museum of Archeological History with a huge 1st floor display area (offices of working archeologists on the 2nd floor). This museum has ties to the SF State and many other institutions as well.

Search Engine and key words used: Google, Museum software. While I found lots of it, there's nothing to indicate what software a museum would prefer. If I have a choice, it's on a mac (like ARTchive found at http://www.husk.com/info.html), but I need to know what would be appropriate for a large museum in a large city to use for real and that's not found at their web pages, 'cause they all want to sell :>.

Question: what would be appropriate for a large museum in a large city to use for Collection Management? Assume good funding, so more recent software choices are available.

Any other relevant info: Not that I can think of. This is the best answer I came up with for my search -- but I need opinions of folks in the field as to which software can actually do the job.

Edit: Wow -- GREAT info! Thanks!
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mandatory autopsies

Im just trying to find out whether an autopsy would always be performed on a suspicious death, despite family refusal.
Story is set in Miami, Florida, concerning a 27 year old man who dies of 'supernatural' causes in a police interrogation room. (obviously the police arent going to know that its a 'supernatural' death, to them it looks like he just shut his eyes and died)
His only living family member has power of attorney/will executor/etc and is refusing the autopsy. (mostly becuase he wants to resurrect the guy)

I can work with either. (though Id prefer no autopsy, mostly because i'd have to add an extra chapter of body snatching. XP)

/Edit/ - thank you so much for your information
Kev Noir

Drinking in 1943 America

Having read birgitriddle's post on drinking in post-war Britain, I understand that alcohol was not rationed in the UK during the Second World War, but what about in the US?

My current project is a crime novel set in New York in 1943, during the height of the Second World War - so far I know, among other things, that it was a terrible winter and that people had to eat fish on Tuesdays as well as Fridays (just can't remember the source, so if someone could be so kind as to supply it?), and also that there was a ration on fabric, which is why anyone in a zoot suit was a social pariah. However, I don't know whether Uncle Sam imposed rations on booze, and this I want to find out. Two of my main protagonists are police detectives, another a Mob lawyer, and alcohol has a big part to play - the Mob lawyer goes on a pivotal drinking binge, and the two cops are fond of a beer, and one of them is an especially heavy drinker.

Thanking you all in advance...

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Childhood scars on dark skin.

Setting (Time and Place) Not Relevant

Search Engine and key words used: Scars, scarring, childhood scars, fading scars, old scars and half a dozen variations, Google. Also this post.

Query: I'm asking about scars on dark skin. Specifically-

If a child were to receive scars- on his back, thighs, hands and upper arms- from being beaten by a belt (and occasionally whatever was at hand) from the age of five to the age of ten, what would those scars look like when he's 25? Darker or lighter? Would they be visible or have faded away?

Other stuff: Google gives me a dozen ways to cure scars, and there's very little on scarring on people of colour that I can seem to dig up (that isn't related to tribal or ritualistic scarring, and I'm looking at scars at a very young age). My character would be fairly dark skinned without getting to the blue-black range. It's a little detial, but it's a big plot point for the short story, and I'm itching to know if those are really going to be visible if he's caught with his shirt off.
Personal expierience would be fantastic for this, just in terms of how long old scars last (and in what shape they're in now)