January 19th, 2007

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Hospitals, non-injured people, and blood

Present-day United States, but a world that's just alternate enough (and a main character who's just dangerous enough) that I can fudge if need be. I'm almost embarrassed to be asking something that seems so basic, but I've had precious little experiment with the medical world.

My character has just brought her friend into the hospital after a minor accident. His injuries are severe enough to need medical attention, but in no way life-threatening. She's uninjured, but spattered with his blood and just barely keeping herself from vomiting or fainting out of hemophobia. I assume the hospital is not going to be keen on her walking around in bloody clothes, so what are they going to do with her?

Edit: Answered! "Not much at all" was what I was expecting, and also what will probably end up working best for the plot. Thanks for your quick and clear responses, everyone!
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Stab Wound?


I've googled stab wounds (that gets me mostly stuff about abdomenal wounds, and a very interesting thing about a spoon) and I've tried including 'thigh' in there as well but I'm not having much luck.

So I came here.

My character is accidently stabbed in the leg (outer thigh) by someone as they fall downstairs. The knife is about four inches long, but it doesn't necessarily go right in. The person is a slim female who is fairly well toned.

Are there any veins or arteries that are in danger of being hit? What sort of damage is this likely to cause to the muscle? And what is the recovery process likely to be from this sort of injury?

I figured that there'd probably be nerve damage at the actual site of the wound. And I walked into a table and got four inches of wood stuck in my leg last year and the scar still gets sore from time to time. Also I guess it would cause problems with walking for a while, especially bending her knee so she'd probably end up with crutches for a while. How long would it take for her to get over it?

And finally, are there any websites which are relatively work-safe (i.e. not too many gory pictures) where I can look this stuff up? :)

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Bad Las Vegas Hotels and Sexual Abuse Scarring (male)

A strange pair of questions from an inexperienced CSI writer...

1) The internet is all ready to tell me about *good* hotels, but nothing about bad ones. And I need a really, really awful one. I'm talking peeling paint, roaches, dangerous neighborhood, the works. It needs to be near enough to the strip to be the kind of place a tourist would mistake for a "a great deal."

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Immigration, Marriage, and Citizenship: Japan and Romania

Hello again!

Just questions on the abovementioned subjects. I've done some research, but I'm a little confused, so I just want to make sure.

Case I: Japanese Citizenship laws and such

I have a character, an Englishwoman, who got married to a Japanese man sometime in the 1980s. Can she retain her citizenship or does she automatically gain Japanese citizenship? If she can retain her citizenship, is there any special laws or policies she would be under? I had thought she would be considered a 'resident alien'. Also, does her child 'inherit' her 'British subject' status or will the child have dual citizenship (be both a Japanese citizen and a British subject)?

Case II: Romanian Immigration to the US

A Romanian family wishes to migrate to the US in the late 1970s or early 1980s. What options of travel would be available to them? What routes would they take? I know there are certain acts or treaties that allows Romanians to migrate to the US. 

Many thanks in advance!

The pig is dead, now what? Butchering, preserving and cooking.

I'm working on a round robin with nine other writers. The story is set in a generic fantasy world, during a generic medieval era. The one local characters is Russian-ish with pre-gun powder weapons.

They have just discovered the Mary Celeste of farm houses, everything is in place, but the people are gone and the livestock have broken loose and gone feral.

The hunters in the group have killed a feral pig, about 300kg or 700lbs worth. I've looked up butchering pigs, making ham and sausage, and I wonder if they can get the thing cut up, cured, stored or eaten before it starts to stink. There are nine of them that eat meat, one is a kitten, another is a wolf.

They have a deep root cellar and a smoke house, some herbs and a few pounds of salt. (up to ten pounds I think is justifiable, much more and it smacks of godding.)

How much pig is going to go to waste?

How long does a million dollars last?

I haven't been out and about in the world long enough to make anywhere near an educated guess about this sort of thing, so I leave it to you, good little detailers:

Character gets a million dollars - a million flat, not paid out over the course of years or anything like that. Assuming no other source of income, assuming normal taxes, and assuming the character leads neither a particularly extravagant nor frugal lifestyle (he buys a reasonably nice house/car/creature comforts, but nothing above middle-class), how long would that money hold out?
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help me tune my WWI bomber

I need a two-seated WWI military aircraft formerly owned by the US air service (google told me my best bet would be a French plane, Nieuport or Spad) to cover a distance of approx. 300 miles without refuelling. As far as I can tell this is not possible (the "combat ranges" I found were never over 180 miles); is there any way to change that? Can I build in a bigger tank? Anything else? (On a realism scale 1-10 I don't aim higher than a 7; I also don't need this plane to be all nice and safe, it will fall from the sky one day anyway, but I don't want to write utter nonsense.)
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: plane is acquired/flown in the mid 1920s

EDIT #2: this one is solved. I'm a bit of a moron.