January 18th, 2007

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1130-1140 Medieval France- another dog fight question

This is an addendum to my last question about dog bite injuries. I settled on my healer wielding the hot iron on the unfortunately wounded beast and now I'm just wondering about proceedure as I write this scene. I just want a few more specifics if anyone can help. (I've wiki'd and googled to no avail.) Basically I've got two strong men holding down the dog. (It's a fantasy setting so the dog is "special", shall we say- knows not to bite the handlers so that's not an issue) so he doesn't inadvertently move when the healer applies the iron. So, this is the way it goes in my mind at the moment: One strong man at each end of the dog. Healer applies iron to shoulder, pulls it off, slathers the wound in honey and brandy and then lets the poor beastie be for the rest of the night. Oh, and I am assuming being burned with hot iron, even minorly, hurts like the dickens. Would the dog lose consciousness from the pain? Does all that sound about right or am I missing anything here?

As always, thank you in advance for any information you can give me. :D
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Vickers Machine Gun, circa World War I

So, I've done a bit of poking around on Google and Wikipedia about the Vickers machine gun, and the specific details I'm looking for elude me. Helpo!

 Based on the Wikipedia article:

...it required about 7.5 imperial pints (4.3 litres) of water in its evaporative cooling system to prevent overheating. The heat of the barrel boiled the water in the jacket surrounding it. The resulting steam was taken off by flexible tube to a condenser container - this had the dual benefits of avoiding giving away the gun's location, and also enabling re-use of the water...

The story takes place in a World War I trench warfare type of setting. I have a situation in which the condenser can is taken away, and the gunner is firing the machine gun anyway. How much continuous firing will it take until the water jacket is too hot to touch? How long until the water is at a rolling boil? Until steam is bursting from the seams and obscuring the gunner's vision?

Thank you for your assistance!

cocaine overdose

I don't know if I'm twisting reality to serve my plot or not, but I had some questions about cocaine overdoses.

I want one of my characters to be admitted to the ER on a very heavy dose of cocaine, exhibiting symptoms of paranoia. I want him to say some personal, accusatory crap to the doctor (he recognizes him.)

Erm. Then I want the guy on cocaine to die. But from my understanding of hospitalized cocaine overdose cases...people don't normally come in ranting and then crash and die. Or do they? Would this require a combination of other drugs? (alcohol perhaps?) What would cause someone to be high and saying paranoid stuff (not necessarily ranting, but not so physically sick that they can't talk) and then go down. Is this realistic?

I have lived a sheltered life and really don't know.

Dogs killing people

Modern day small city US, actual state/location otherwise undetermined.

A trespasser breaks into a private home and attacks the homeowner. The homeowner's dog then attacks the trespasser, biting him savagely. Trespasser bleeds excessively, is taken to the hospital, then dies. What would the consequences be for the dog and the dog's owner? Would the dog be automatically put down because it killed someone, or would there be an exception made because of the circumstances?

(I've found this website - http://www.dogbitelaw.com/ - but I haven't been able to figure out a definitive answer to the question.)
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hot totty

I'm 100% sure the hot totties I drank in Edinburgh were made of warm whisky, honey, and cloves. The first google hits I had, when they specify what's in it at all, say a hot totty is warm brandy and lemon.

To clarify- I am referring to a drink served in pubs in Britain that are said to cure or at least help the common cold. My characters are in London, so obviously if there is a difference between Scotland and England in this regard it would be helpful to know.