January 13th, 2007

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Accuracy of translations into Danish?

One of the characters in our story is Danish-American and while the swearing has been easy to find ;) we wanted to double check the accuracy of a couple of other things. (It's contemporary, btw.) So far as my writing partner and I have been able to determine, "Merry Christmas" should translate to "Glaedelig Jul"; is that correct for the most usual way that would be expressed? Is there another phrase that would be more common?

The other one I'd like verified is the translation of "one" to "eneste." It's meant in the sense of "The One" i.e., love of one's life, etc. etc., but we wanted it to retain the ambiguity that "one" has in English without the article "the" in front of it. Can anyone confirm that "eneste" is a reasonable translation of that, or offer a better alternative?

Thanks in advance. :-)

ETA: Question answered; thanks very much for everyone's assistance.
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Scottish foulmouthed.


The story is present time, the character just found out just how much of a bad luck he can have. I need some really colorful and commonly used bad words. I already google it, but I have no way of knowing how much of what I found is really of common use.

 Thanks in advance.

Ok, social background. He is a very much successful medical doctor, but comes from a numerous low-middleclass family.
and yes, I am looking for colourful expresions, the kind that one hear and have to actually think about.

Jewish Deadly Sins?

I have tried Wiki, Gooogle, and several Jewish information sites, but I can't find exactly what I need.

From reading this post and doing some research, I now know that there are lists that are read on Yom Kippor during service that are to confess the sins of the community.

However, what I was looking for (and wondering about, especially from that post) is if there is a Jewish version of the traditional seven deadly sins. If anyone has any information on this, I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: Thank you so much to everyone for their help!
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Parking Meters in the Haight

Hoo boy -- obnoxious LITTLE details :>. So -- San Fran today -- are there parking meters in the Haight?

http://www.sfmuni.com/php/farevend.php?zip=94117&prod=Parking+Cards this suggests so -- and that you can use special PM debit cards (instead of coins) -- but it's not clear to me from this site whether these are places to "buy" the debit cards or places where they are also *used*.

Thanks for any help!

Automotive problems that you can hear

Okay, so, I know a bunch about computers, and a bunch about cooking, and a disturbing amount about the history of maritime piracy, but I know nothing--absolutely nothing!--about cars.

I'm looking for a particular automotive problem that would not be serious enough to make a car inoperable, but would be easily identifiable by sound to someone who knew something about cars. The car in question is a used pickup truck; I'm not ever going to refer to it in any more detail than a) a used pickup truck b) with <whatever> trouble.

So, basically, here's the situation: Character A, who is kind of like me and knows nothing about cars, has a used pickup that has a <insert problem here>; as a result, Character B, who is quite car-savvy, can always hear when it's Character A pulling up, because Character B can hear the problem with Character A's truck. So, in the particular scene that I'm working on now, Character A fires up his truck outside, and Character B knows it's Character A firing up his truck, because, he thinks, "That <insert problem here> is unmistakable."

Does that make sense?

I've checked the memories, and I've spent the morning googling various combinations of "car" and "problem" and "sound", and everything I've found is either irrelevant, since it has to do with connecting your iPod to your speakers, or incomprehensible to me, since, as previously mentioned, I know NOTHING about cars.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.
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Youth DUI and Sentences

Character: 17-year-old girl
Place: Los Angeles, California
Time period: Today

After Googling, I've found out that two of the possible sentences for her DUI are probation and community service.

1) Is it possible for both of those sentences to be imposed on her?
2) How often will she have to report to her probation officer and how long will this have to last?
3) What kind of community service is usually imposed and how long is each session? Will she have to wear one of those hideous orange vests? If not, will she have to wear something that identifies her as a person carrying out community service?
4) Will she be forbidden from hanging out in certain places? If so, what places?
5) Would it be correct to have her licence suspended for 12 months?

This non-American says thank you in advance.
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Latin translations

I have a typical scientist's knowledge of Latin. Which basically amounts to knowing a bit of vocabulary because they happen to be the name for something biological. Now, there are online translators and real world dictionaries I can use to get what I want but I cannot guarantee that these will give me *exactly* what I want. i.e. a translator or a dictionary will give me the right words but not the right grammar and, in some cases, even the right phrase (I am thinking here of situations where the culture of the place where the language comes from does not have a direct translation of certain phrases such as the french who have a different way of saying 'it is raining cats and dogs' so a direct, literal translation of 'it is raining cats and dogs' is completely wrong).

So, I am looking for appropriate phrases in Latin for a character to use. I am not bothered what the exact phrases are (for the reasons above) as I want it to be reasonably authentic for an early AD Roman soldier. There are some examples of the sort of things he may say in this context, however...

"You are my love, my life, we are destined to be together." sort of sums up what he wants to say. BUt

As an additional thing, anyone out there know anything about ancient Roman courting rituals? How would they Romance or seduce someone? Would they do this? I have found some examples of Latin love poetry which is from around the right period (which has already been used in a previous scene) but what *would* a Roman say to a woman he wanted to make his?

Thanks in advance for any help...

Day in the life of an FBI agent

Google-fu has failed me. Does anyone have any info/links/friend in the FBI who might be able to give me information on what a typical day in the Agency might entail? Hours, shifts, meetings, that sort of thing. The boring day to day stuff. Office politics, the works.


(edit: this is for a SF story 260 years in the future. In this story, psychics are in the majority in America. As you might expect, things are vastly different in the FBI.

What I'm looking for is the routine that might have persisted to this day. Do Special Agents meet on a daily basis to discuss cases? Do they check in with anyone? Is there something specific that FBI agents do that other law enforcement doesn't?

What you all have provided so far is great!)
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Famous movie quote

Hi, I'm trying to decide if a movie quote I'd like to put in my book is famous enough to be recognized on sight, and I thought you might be able to help me.

Poll #906313 Do you know what movie this quote is from?

Get away from her, you bitch!

It sounds familiar but I don't know the exact movie

Thanks for your help as always. :0)
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Whiskey brands and their stoppers...

Okay - i do not, myself, drink whiskey, and the only real knowledge i have of the drink comes from the bottles of Jack Daniels my SO occasionally buys. So - my question is, is there a brand of whiskey - or several brands? - that have/use a cork stopper rather than a twist cap? And if so, is it/are they available in the US?


ETA: I think i've got enough examples now, thanks everybody!

Geisha in Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945

Hello everyone.

I have googled and wiki'd to no avail, and so here I am.

My question is about geisha in Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the time that the atom bomb was dropped in 1945. I saw a documentary a little while ago where some American men that had been soldiers at the time talked about going to Nagasaki after the bomb was dropped. They said they saw a geisha wandering around muttering to herself. She had suffered some psychological trauma, and dressed up in white kimono and painted her face white before going out and walking amongst the ruins. From the little else I've heard about it she was quite a well-known geisha at the time.

Does anyone know any more about this? Who she was, etc? Or of any other instances of a similar nature?

Thank you in advance : )

Edit: Thank you to everyone that replied ^_^ I realise it's a pretty finicky question, so I really appreciate your advice. I think it'll be a case of visiting a lot of libraries!