January 12th, 2007

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  • arabwel

Droopping out of school in the UK

So.. I have a character who was born in 1964 or thereabouts, and I need to figure out how early could he have dropped out of school to fool around with music - I assume there was some sort of legistlation about it in place but I have no idea howe to start searching for osmething like this. Would it have been plausible for him to drop out at 15? 16? what grade level would he have been on? (He is telling his son, X number of years later, trying to illustrate how proud he is about the kid going to top uni and being an ambitious geek)
Opera: Not for Sissies


I'm writing a story set in the late 1970s in the U.S., where my character, a fifteen year old boy, is suffering from major depression due to the death of his immediate family (parents and siblings) in a car accident. My question is, what sort of treatment would be available to him? Was talk therapy normal, and was there medication that could be given to him? I know how to write modern treatment for depression, but as I wasn't around in the seventies, I'm at a loss of how to write that era. Thanks!

ETA: Social background: he's in California, and belongs to an upper middle class, well-educated family and community. He was recently caught out in a storm that gave him pneumonia, which nearly killed him, and he's also not speaking and eating very poorly, so he's definitely seen as having a problem, even as slightly suicidal. Thanks!