January 7th, 2007

  • mswyrr

Miami, Catholicism and architecture

You guys are a great help! Your info helped me clarify quite a few things, and I actually got some writing done. I've got a couple more questions, though, if that's okay.

1. I need to know about the city of Miami. I've been looking at it on maps.google.com, but a map (even one with satellite pictures!) can't tell me things local folks would know. Like, which are the poorer parts of the city? Where are there abandoned buildings? Where's a good place for a homeless shelter and soup kitchen to be? And do these areas contain mostly one-story buildings, or are there multistory places nearby? (Suppose that once I know the areas, I could look at satellite photos to get this info) What nicknames, if any, would a long-time resident of Miami have for these places?

My point of view character has lived their his entire life, and I need to know these things to get his voice right.

2. Would it make sense for a priest to minister at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter part time as well as serve at his parish church?

3. Because the priest character is so important to the story, knowing what his parish church is like is really important, too. I've found a website where I can get links to information about and pictures of Catholic churches in Miami. But I don't want to make my priest character's church an exact replica of any of them. Bad things happen in the story, and using a real place just seems... rude. I'd like to invent a fictional parish from bits and pieces of the actual ones, kind of like how writers invented the fictional Oxbridge University, which isn't real life Oxford or Cambridge, but the writer's favorite mash-up of the two.

Anyway, I believe it has architecture similar to St. Mary's.

Do any of you know what that style of building would be called?

1130-1140 Medieval France Animal Care

How would someone go about treating a bite from a dog on another dog in the 1100s? The wound is not life-threatening but it probably needs to be treated and the injured animal is the king's darling so he's getting the best care he can.

How might they go about tending him? He was injured in a chase where the injured dog was being hunted. I have him wounded on the shoulder, is that plausible?

Thanks in advance for your replies! :D