January 2nd, 2007

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Details from a plastic surgeon's office + food poisoning

On the walls of the asthma doctor I go to, there are pictures of lounges and the airway system. Would a plastic surgeon have equal pictures or not? What kind of decoration is to be expected from the examination room on a plastic surgeon?

Would the doctor have a stethoscope, equipment to check blood pressure, temperature and breathing exam?

How dehydrated would someone be after throwing up everything (including water) for eight hours? And is it realistic that someone could throw up instead of get a diarrhea from food poisoning?
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panic attack midflight in the 90's

I have a female character, about 24 years old, who has never flown. She's going to Europe from Dallas to Newark to London. As the plane starts to take off, she finds out that she has a horrible fear of flying. It's bad enough that when she's older, she ends up needing valium during flights and downs it with champagne to make herself pass out when she absolutely has to fly.

So it's about 1995. Would there be anything that could be done for her midflight? Any sort of emergency sedation they keep on board that an airline attendant could administer? she's tiny-- 4'11" and about 95lbs or so. I think I can research the panic/anxiety attack symptoms on my own, but I wasn't sure what sort of help could be given in the air, because while she's not going to try and wrench the doors open or anything-- her traveling companion wouldn't let her get to it-- I would think that that kind of reaction would at least create unrest among the other passengers *they're flying first class*. If nothing can be given to her there, when they land in Newark, can she be given something in the airport there?

art galleries in Britain

This may be as unnecessary a question as I hope it is, but I just want to double-check my facts.

Today I stumbled upon a British v. American English website that asserted that, according to British usage, "art gallery" referred not to a place where art was sold, but to an art museum. Obviously I knew that "art gallery" can be used in this way, but do Brits never use the term to refer to small privately-run places where art is both displayed and sold? What on earth do they call them, then? Or was said website lying to me? :)

If "art gallery" is actually okay in this usage, I'm assuming that it would be okay for my English characters, who have a friend who owns an art gallery, to call it "the gallery"?