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Questions about counselors and psychology

My character is in the hospital with multiple gun shot wounds after surviving a particularly heinous armed robbery. Would a counselor provided by the hospital come by and try to talk with her while she is still in the hospital? My character has some memory loss, caused by her injuries and the trauma of what happened. What she does remember, she is reticent to talk about. She says that she doesn't want to remember. What would a counselor do or say to get her to talk about it?

Would the hospital / family, withhold information from her about the crime in order to make her less upset? When she's released, what steps would the hospital take (if any) to keep the press away from her once she's released.

Finally, what should she do once she is out of the hospital? Would she find a counselor through a victim's assistance program or could she, theoretically, find one on her own? Again, what tactics would a counselor use to help her deal with what's happened to her...especially if she's skeptical about going to see a counselor in the first place?

I tried googling "counseling victims violent crime" (and a bunch of other terms a few days ago that I don't remember off-hand) but all I got were programs that worked with victims of violent crime...not articles describing what exactly counselors do. I did, however, get some interesting information on how victims of violent crime tend to react that might be of some use to me. My story is written in the first person and takes the form of a blog.
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