Mackinzie (mackinzie) wrote in little_details,

List of professions, with descriptions


I am a long time lurker but I quite enjoy this community. I'm actually not posting a question but rather a resource I found:

It is a list of occupations with descriptions of their duties, how much they're generally paid, training to get that job, and other things. You can also get it in a book format, but you have to pay and I find the free, online version a lot more useful.

I figured this'd be helpful for anyone needing a job for their characters. Mods, feel free to delete this if it's against the rules, I just thought I'd post this to help my fellow writers!

Note: This is for US occupations in the present day, the descriptions will likely not be the same abroad.

If this helps you out, I'd be glad to post anything else I find. I've found a few other resources in my searchings.
Tags: #resources, ~jobs (misc)

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