December 29th, 2006

Causing a one-house-only power outage

I'm writing a story where my MC's neighbor has gone completely Christmas nuts and has covered his house in a lot of lights. There are also several other electricity based annoyances outside his house, pretty much anything camp that blinks, moves or/and makes lots of noise. And it's driving my MC completely nuts and she wants to do something, anything to stop this.
So the idea is that she tries to and somehow it results in her cutting his power. To the plotline it doesn't really matter if the power outage is deliberate or not.
Anyways my question is: do you know a way cut the power of an house without being a electrician and without hurting yourself? And if you can be outside the house while doing this that helps too.
And it needs to only take the power of that house, none of the other in the neighborhood.
The story is set in the Eastern part of America and.. well, I'm not, I'm European. So if you have links or anything that might help it would be really appreciated as I have no idea where to start. But a play by play as to how this could happen would be even better.

Walking distances and time.

Does anyone know of a website that lets you calculate distances and the like over the whole of the world and not just the US?

What I have is a group of people leaving South America, up through Central America, to the US, then to Canada, around the Arctic to Norway, then down along the Norwegian coast. And I need to know how far that is (and I have the specific route marked). But I can't find anything that might let me plot that trip, and find out how far these people have to travel.

Any help?

Edit: thanks to gal_montag I now have a route, and a rough estimate of distance. Now to be completely unimpress the characters. It's only 12,151 miles. Whiners.

New Jersey Criminal Law

My story takes place in Newark, New Jersey in the present day (ie. 2006). My character, Michael, has a non-incestuous obsession with his brother, perhaps a very severe case of OCD. Basically, he will do anything to make sure his brother is happy. He doesn't know that he is doing anything wrong due to his poor mental state, but his obsession results in Michael murdering his parents and one of his brother's university professors.

My query is what the consequences of these murders would be in court. What would the sentence for these murders be? Would he be able to plea insanity in exchange for a lesser sentence? And if the answer to that is yes, what would the lesser sentence be exactly?

EDIT: Also, what would visitation rights of the brother be in the case of being sent to a state mental hospital and what would be the procedure during these visits?