December 27th, 2006

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Being PC and UN-PC about race in present day Britain

A question for you Britishers.

My character is a London musician of about thirty, didn't finish a university education. Grew up in Wood Green, but his parents bought the house before the prices rose.

He has a girlfriend of a mixed racial background, mostly West-Indian.

How would he refer to her background? Would he call her black, or colored, or West-Indian, other, or wouldn't he mention it at all?
How would his parents talk about her – in her face, and behind her back with other people of their generation?
How would his (white) mates talk about her – and how would they do this when totally pissed?

She has a finished university education and works for a university. How would she refer to her race, if at all?
How would her parents refer to their race, if at all? How would they talk about white people when none were present?

Thank you guys in advance for trying to answer these!
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I gots the boobies

Questions about mermaids...

If a mermaid were to have a scientific classification, how would I go about building the name so that it sounds half believable?

What sort of notes would a scientist keep about a mermaid beyond length, weight, etc?

It might help if I explain what I'm trying to do. You see, I've created an art piece that looks like a drawing or old photo of a mermaid in a vintage-looking notebook. I'm trying to figure out what sort of notes would be written around it and coming up blank. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Ongoing discussion at askme


A question concerning paraplegia.

I write about a character who became paraplegic in an accident. Aside from the actual injury that made him paraplegic, he also suffered burns to his stomach and chest that were caused when the original wound was cauterized to stop the bleeding; he doesn't appear to have suffered any infection or anything of that ilk from them. I'm now writing about his recovery.

Considering his injuries, how long after the original injury would he start learning to be 'self-sufficient' with catheters?

What sort of lubricant would they give him for use with the catheter? He's in a military hospital in the early 1900s in a world that closely parallels to ours.

Thanks in advance.
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