December 23rd, 2006

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Attempted Suicide by Drug Overdose

Hi; you guys helped me out a lot the last time I had a question, so I'm hoping I'll get the information I need for this little problem.

At the beginning of the story, my MC, a seventeen year old male, attempts suicide. He is bipolar, but up until the suicide attempt, he had been misdiagnosed as suffering from depression. My question is, what prescription drugs could he overdose on that could conceivably kill him? While he has been considering suicide for a long time, the attempt itself is spontaneous and, as such, he has no real plan as to how to do it. He's figured that overdosing was the way to go, but now he's alone at home, and desperate, and ready to pretty much try the first likely drug he can find.

I was considering Valium, or some other benzodiazepine such as a sleeping pill, as it would make sense for his mother to have a prescription (she suffers from anxiety) and therefore easy for a bottle to be lying around the house. However, I've read that benzodiazepines are only potentially fatal if taken with another depressant, such as alcohol, and I highly doubt my MC would know this. I need the attempt to be a valiant effort, one that more than likely could have killed him if not for intervention.

So, is a benzodiazepine overdose a possibility, and, if so, how much of it would constitute a potentially fatal overdose? Should the benzodiazepine be combined with another drug for maximum affect, and, bearing in mind that this is stuff he would have to find around the house, and that he doesn't really know the finer details of drug overdose, what drug could that be? A non-benzodiazepine sleeping pill? His anti-depressants? Or should I find another drug altogether, and if so, what are your suggestions?
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U.S. Prison sentence forgiveness for non-violent offenders in World War 2


I'm writing a story exploring a haunting at a (very fictional) United States state prison. I'd like to include as part of the prison's backstory that during WW2 some of its population, who were convicted of non-violent crimes, were given the option of joining the military in exchange for sentence forgiveness.

I've been able to find second-hand accounts ("My father served in Korea and said this...") and references to people saying this happened in the 50s and 60s, and I found an article showing current military recruitment guidelines saying that most branches won't accept people who are joining as an alternative to prison, but I can't find anything about whether this happened in WW2.

Can anybody help?
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New York City in the 1980s

I spend hours reading through Wikipedia but am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of material, yet nothing gives me what I need for my story (what I need is a twenty year old travel guide, I guess...), so I hope this community might help.

In my story (which is alternate history by now, but that doesn't matter too much) the 19yo protagonist comes into New York City in July 1984 to do an internship at a large financial firm in Manhattan. She has a tiny rental apartment, I imagine some "I want to be a Yuppie when I grow up"-place in not-too-brilliant condition, commutes to work by subway and tries very hard to appear professional and not like some backwater yokel. She has some experience in travelling, but grew up somewhat sheltered in Northern Europe.

My questions are: Where would she likely live? (Bonus points for estimates how long it will take her to commute to work by subway.) How would the place look like? How much would it cost? What areas would she be told to stay away from? Would the city in general be dangerous, i.e. is it likely that she'll get into some threatening or uncomfortable situations? She is interested in music, shopping, and meeting people, where is she likely to go in her free time?

In addition to that, all kinds of details and impressions would help! I watched "Highlander" and "Desperately Seeking Susan" to get some images into my head but I have no idea if my protagonist would encounter those sceneries.


Hi, I'm writing a short story currently, and I have a few questions regarding the certification a person needs to have before he can be certified as a medical examiner or coroner. Is there a specific degree or diploma that a person needs to get before he can be one?

The story is set in New York, if that is any help.
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Strychnine poisoning

I looked in the tags and didn't see anything on this, nor did I find anything in Google that answered my particular question - although I did find a lot of helpful information. Collapse )
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1130- 1140 Medieval France

1130- 1140 Medieval France:

How much liberty would an unmarried noblewoman- lady-in-waiting to a newly crowned queen- have within the castle itself? Would her reputation and virtue be in question if she were caught out and about at odd times of the night?

What might some of the lady-in-waiting’s duties be to the queen? Were they just there for company or did they have chores as well?
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Defecting to the United States

I've found a great deal on people who have defected to the States (and other countries), many thrilling stories of the defections themselves, etc. What I have found far less of is the protocol on what happens after that defection.

What I'm actually dealing with are high-ranking Soviet military characters defecting and seeking political asylum in 1984, with the Cold War still on. The information I have turned up lets me know that a) they would have had a very lengthy debriefing process by the American government, CIA and so forth; and b) that it's likely they would have been given new names/identities, not unlike the witness protection system.

But I'd also like to know what goes on after the debriefing process is over, especially if the characters have no interest in continuing to be involved in consultant work for the CIA or that sort of thing-- they just want quiet civilian lives. Would the American government have given them financial resources to live such lives? Assistance in finding a home/jobs/social acclimation/et cetera? I'm doubting they're just shoved out onto the street with a "Hey, thanks for defecting, see ya," but I'm curious as to just how far aid would have extended.

Just to clarify: they were high-ranking officers, and the information they've given has been very useful and valuable to the American side-- so it's fair to say the US would be in a grateful mood, inasmuch as governments are grateful.

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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Medical and legal jargon.

Well, I've completely failed at Googling a couple of phrases for a thing I'm writing, so I turn to you great folks.

1. There's a sort of autopsy report thing one of the characters is looking at and so I need the proper medical way to say a character died of a bullet to the brainpan. (More specifically, he was shot in the forehead between the eyes.)

2. I currently have one character, a lawyer of sorts, saying, in regards to the possibility of losing her client's case, "I certainly hope not. That would ruin my rating/score/thingie."Obviously that sentence needs some work. Is there a more lawyerly way of saying she doesn't want to lose the case for that sort of reason? If not, I'll just play with the dialogue until it sounds less stupid, but I would really like to throw some legalese around.

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1920s British Slang

I looked all over google for this, but I either found raunchy slang that was too modern or slang from the right era that was all cleaned up. I need raunchy and from the 20s, preferably British.

What I need is basically the equivalent of 'fine piece of ass'. Character A is taunting Character B about Character B's brother, trying to get Character B riled up. Character A is being filthy and vulgar, and he uses a lot of slang. I haven't had a problem finding stuff until now. Can anyone lend a hand?
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Question about trespassing

Hi all. First post here ^^;

Okay, so I am writing a fanfic wherein two characters have been arrested in Prague, Czech Republic for trespassing at a murder scene. When they were caught it looked quite suspicious, but they have since been cleared of committing the actual murder. Now they are just going to be punished for trespassing. My question being - how much money would they be fined for this? Also, both characters are strapped for cash and do not have access to further funds. One is British and very rich, but she does not have her credit card with her. How would she sort out a way of paying the fine and getting her hands on some money to survive after they have been cleared?

I hope I explained that clearly enough ^^;