December 14th, 2006

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Radioactive/Biochemical Rain

I now know more about chemical warfare than I ever wanted to know. Unfortunately, I still don't have the information I need 0_o

Here's the sitch:

It's about three generations after a huge war involving nuclear bombs and biochemical warfare. Long enough ago that not a lot of people are still alive that saw it first hand, but recent enough that the effects of the radiation and biochemical agents are still pretty prevalent.

Is there a possibility that there could still be radioactive rain clouds (like what happened over the Pacific and Europe after Hiroshima/Nagasaki and the Nevada nuclear tests, respectively)? Is there a possibility that any biochemical agents could have gotten into rain clouds, causing contaminated rain? If so, which agents should I look at?

Search ideas are more than welcome too ^_^

Wishing on a star

American Students Abroad

Hi - first time asking a question, so hopefully I'll get this right.

If an American student was on a year abroad in an English university, would the marks they got here affect their degree back in America? I know that American universities require you to get a certain grade level to keep a scholarship and I've got a character who's on a year abroad that I would ideally like to be able to screw up her scholarship by failing in England.

Is that possible? Cheers
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wearing gloves while dancing, Medieval/Renaissance eras

I'm actually doing a picture, not writing, but hey it's a Little Detail that's been bothering me XD.

Probably more than is needed but I feel like rambling :D.
The setting is a fantasy world, but I'm trying to base it off of the Real World as much as possible. The country in question is like a late Medieval or very early Renaissance Germany. A great war has been fought in this country by this country's knights, as well as warriors from two other countries (which are not based on Germany), since this was indeed a Great Enemy that threatened the World. Well, they've won, as the good guys usually do in such wars, so there's going to be a celebration (of course). The higher-ranking individuals of all the countries involved are going to be celebrating in the king's castle.

One particular individual in this picture I'm doing is a very high-ranking person indeed--he's the leader of the knights and basically second to the king (as that's how the ranking runs in this country). He is a knight himself (obviously) and still participates in battle, as he rather detests the thought of sitting on the sidelines and yelling orders and otherwise not being useful. Anyway. The scene I'm drawing is that at this victory celebration he ends up dancing with his daughter, instead of his wife, because she's long dead. The knight is about 50 years old, and he's of course wearing a rather formal outfit. He doesn't particularly like having to dress up but he does it because of his rank and it's expected of him.

As extra information, this celebration takes place in late spring/early summer.
Also, extra information about his daughter in case it matters:
-She's a young adult, and not married, nor is she engaged to anyone.
-She did fight in the war (due to her being a Dragon Warrior). She's not very girly and really does not like having to wear a dress to this celebration.

If it helps, here's the last scan I have of the picture. I have altered a few minor things since then but otherwise this is pretty much what I have now: Yes, I know, scary :D;;;.
I still have the extension on his sleeve that covers the back of his hand, that'll be staying whether or not I give him gloves, though I might change how far it comes out and the shape of it and stuff.

Given the time era style I'm going for, this person's rank, and other things I mentioned above, would he or would he not be wearing gloves, at least for when he's dancing with his daughter? Does it matter? Am I totally being dumb and missing something?
I cannot for the life of me figure this out--I've seen pictures of men with and without gloves, both reinactments and period paintings/drawings. On some of the paintings/drawings I found, it's hard to distinguish if they're wearing gloves. This has been driving me crazy and is really the sole reason why I haven't done any more with this picture ;_;. I know I could just say 'yes/no, he's wearing/not wearing gloves because it's MY fantasy world!' but I'd rather not resort to that unless there's no consensus from the historical standpoint.

Myspace scene kids and groups like Gloomy Train

I am rather new to Myspace and interested in possibly writing about some of the subculture around its use by teens but I am not very familar with the phenomenon of scene kids who belong to these groups which seem to have no purpose aside making certain they are added as friends by as many people as possible. That all such kids seem to follow the same fasion style is also interesting. I am interested in several aspects of this:

1) How do their online portrayals function vs. their real lives?

2) How did terms like "murder" become so popular in this subculture (i.e., I am Mike so I might be "Mike Murder" on my SN on there . . . you're apparently rather fortunate to get an "M" name which may coorespond with muder . . . )

3) What do those odd post-nomial letters mean as in names such as: "Scotty Sunday [VIP][AN]"

4) What are the "joining" groups about (if anything other than adding friends) such as "Gloomy Train" . . . btw, "Gloomy Train" is such a great name for . . . anything! I love it!


Where do you park a horse-drawn carriage?

So you're going out to a restaurant equivalent... Your carriage driver lets you off... Where does he go with the horses and carriages?

What about a setting where one might be inclined to dally with a house's lady of negotiable virtue for a few hours -- or even a night? Would something like that have its own stables, or do you send your driver and carriage back to your own home and have him pick you up later (or catch a hired carriage in the morning)?

I've found some fascinating URLs...

...but I haven't been able to figure out where carriage-owners might have parked their "cars" when they expected to be some time in a place of business.

EDIT: Fantasy setting, drawing on various sources, but probably in the Regency Romance sort of "feel." At least for the horse-and-carriage aspects. (Also, at the moment, coming into winter; it's cold out!)

EDIT2: Fantastic! Thank you all! (And anyone else who comments, for that matter. This is great.)
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Travel on horseback.

I've asked a similar question here before, about walking, but here's a variation: How long would it take to travel roughly 450 -500 miles on horseback? There are two people sharing a horse, a girl and an old man. The terrain is mostly flat, occasionally going through hilly regions but flat most of the time. The horse would be a mongolian.

Please let me know what other information I may need to provide. I apologize for posting this kind of question again, when it seems so basic, but I really have no idea on how to figure things like this out.

Thanks so much!