December 12th, 2006

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1878 London Riding Accident

Hello all,

I'm wondering what sort of accident can happen to a middle-aged man in 1878 London, preferably somewhere around Hyde Park/Green Park/Rotten Row or Ladies Mile, in which the man will be hurt to the point that he will not be able to use his legs, but will remain living for another seven years. I'm trying to come up with backstory for my novel, and I know I'd like an accident to happen because of the man's daughter and a horse, but I really don't know enough about horses or Victorian medicine to come up with a plausible event.


Victorian crime

So pretty much everyone knows the Great Train Robbery of 1855.

However, in Crighton's introduction to his book, he mentions that although known, it wasn't the only crime of that size in that time period.

What I'm trying to find out was whether there were any crimes that happened around 1849-1851 of a similar size?

Additionally, if someone was sent to Australia in the late 1830's for, say, seven years - how would they get back? Would they have to pay their own way?
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Infectious Disease Outbreak response

If there was an outbreak of an infectious or mysterious disease in the US (say, in Vermont), who would the local authorities contact, and how would it be investigated/handled?

The disease I have in mind is 'consumption' or as it is known today, tuberculosis. I realize this can be easily cured nowadays, but in the story, they couldn't cure it and have to the conclusion that is was a new, tougher strain of the disease.

Edit: The story is set mostly in the present time (modern day) and a bit on the early 1900s. *smacks self* I'm sorry for the confusion. Thank you so much for your help!

EDIT (again): THank you so much to those who helped! Now I have a better idea of what to write!

Contemporary British Army Uniforms/Units

So, either I'm not Googling this correctly, or I'm confusing myself (take your pick, I prefer thinking that it's both).

So here's what I have. A group of people, that have been kidnapped, and stashed in an underground base. For several reasons, they cannot leave yet, and are stuck there. However, they have a large supply of dead bodiesBritish soldiers in fatigues.

What I need to know is several fold:

1 - Would the patch on the shoulder of this soldier's uniform be standard on domestically based soldiers?
2 - Pursuant to number 1; if that wouldn't be possible, what would there be on the uniform (patches/whatever) that would stand out and make the characters go "OMGWTF?! THEY'RE BRITISH?!" since that's the reaction I need. (They're all laymen, so it'd need to be pretty prominent.)
3- If it is regiment specific; what regiment might possibly be used for a covert operation (they're just guarding a covert base on Scottish soil, not actually running the black operations) and what patch would they wear?

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