December 11th, 2006

that's all i ask for

Sleep sneezes.

Can people sneeze in their sleep? Say if they were laying face-down in a shallow puddle of water and breathed in enough for it to tickle their sinuses?

Would said sneeze wake them up?
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Result times for an MRI and an Angiogram?

My first time posting here. I need "medical help" for a story I am writing and would really appreciate any help!

Can anyone tell me... what is the fastest time for the results of an MRI or angiogram to be revealed to doctors? Say someone has been brought into the ER with symptoms of a heart attack and they took him for tests. How earliest would they able to get the results? Is between an hour and two too out of the realm of possiblity?

How about results of blood work that reveals the presence of heightened levels of adrenalin and other small proteins produced by an excited nervous system? How fast would those results come?

I've written myself into a little corner and need to find a way out of here.
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Kitsune questions

I've heard that kitsune (Japanese fox-spirits) use nicknames around humans, because their true names can be used to control them, like British faeries. Is this true? What sort of name might a kitsune have? Also, I'd like to know more about the children of kitsune fox-wives and mortal men. Particularly the mostly human ones with magical powers. Can they change into foxes? I've read the Wikipedia article on kitsune, and done a fair bit of Googling, only to find conflicting information. Edited to add: Thanks for all the links! I'm going to stick to older kitsune folklore, though I'm pondering slight tweaks for my character. This half-kitsune boy can change into a fox, but his mother hasn't taught him much more magic. He's fond of tofu, especially abura-age. I'm also considering the true name bit, because it works with my story, and nowhere does it say kitsune don't have true names.


Age of Sail: Impressment

In the mid-1700s to early 1800s in Britain's Royal Navy, would it be likely that a member of the aristocracy would be kidnapped by the press gangs? (Assume that he's had a rough night and doesn't look his usual posh self *lol*) Wikipedia only says that usually men with some sea-faring experience were pressed, but doesn't state any of the unusual cases.

I've heard a rumor that a groom who had just left the church from his wedding was once pressed into service, but not sure how to verify that.