December 8th, 2006

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Russian language question: term of affection.

Stupid Russian question because I am a n00b. Is there a male form of "solnyshka" ("sunshine," according to the book)? The book I have only lists it in that form. If there is another form, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

(For those curious, it's for a story. The character being addressed is the son of a Russian expat, his SO heard it later in life, and the nickname stuck. No other Russian is in use, because I am still a n00b to the language and people really hate foreign language in fiction for some reason.)
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Fashion in Britain in the 1970's

Would teenage boys (16ish) in a British boarding school in the mid 1970's leave their shirts untucked if they weren't particularly neat? (And I doubt they're in a position to be scolded about slovenliness.) Or I am I stamping my fashion sense on this unconsciously ("cool" and "badboy"-esque in the 90's in the US)? Also, would it be reasonable to have their ties loosened or undone?

I am rather too young to have any decent knowledge about 70's fashion, especially that of those crazy Brits across the pond. Any help as to what would be cool to do (rolling up one's sleeves, tucking one's shirt, special wear cool ways to wear pants different, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.
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MOD POST: moderation

I've been getting emails from members asking me, "what's up? where's my post? why hasn't it been approved yet?"

Please stop. I check the queue constantly when I'm online, but I can't be online all the time. You should know better than to send me impatient emails two hours after you made your post, especially if you posted when people are likely to be asleep or at work.

If it's been a day since you posted, go ahead and email me; a post almost never has to wait that long, so there might have been a technical problem. If not, wait.
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Historical Japanese court procedure?

I'm looking for information on court procedure in Japanese history. My story takes place in an unspecified year between the beginning of the Heian period and the end of the Edo period.

What would be the etiquette and procedure for a shogun, or possibly a very high-ranking daimyo, when he is receiving a group of emissaries from the emperor? Would he be deferential to them because they're from the emperor, or would his high rank and power mean they would be deferential? How would he treat them, who would announce them? In other words, the procedure for this kind of situation.

Also, in what ways could the shogun subtly insult the emissaries without being openly offensive?

Any recommendations of books or websites is appreciated, as well as any information anyone here can give me themselves. Thanks so much!

Injuries in ballet

I'm currently developing a character who was formally a danseur, however he later suffers a spinal injury which leaves him wheelchair bound. I was wondering if an injury this serious could be caused by ballet it's self and have been searching for anything similar which has happened previously in real life.

If nothing like this has happened before/isn't possible to happen I'll probably have him involved in a car accident.
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Halloween at a US high school

I'm trying to finish writing the ending to my NaNoWriMo novel but I've gotten stuck. It's Halloween and the main character is a sophomore in high school. Her school allows the students to dress up in costumes and then at the end of the day they have an assembly for those who have gotten dressed up. My question is what sort of events, besides a costume judging, would a high school have planned for its students that they might actually enjoy and a large group can partake in? I myself never participated when my high school had such events otherwise I might have some idea. Random Halloween traditions are welcome and personal experiences are even better.

Thanks so much in advance!
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Resource: 'History by Decades'

This isn't a question, but a resource that may be useful to people in very preliminary research stages. History by Decades at Writer's Dreamtools (I'm skeptical about the veracity of that name, but whatever) covers the highlights of history from the mid-seventeenth century through the late twentieth century. They go over major political and religious events, popular/powerful and not-so-popular/powerful figureheads, deaths, trends and inventions, developments in the arts, science and media, and interestingly, developments in slang and money.

Useful for flavor, and as a starting point. Hope someone finds it handy.
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Motorcycles: passengers, luggage, and safety

So, here's my dilemma.

My character and his daughter (~10 years old) are making a motorcycle trip of about 14 hours. They also need to be carrying an amount of luggage (not loads, they're fairly low maintenance, but at least two backpacks' worth).

What is the best way to orient these people and this stuff to provide for the best comfort and safety (esp. for the passenger)?

I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, and I'm having trouble visualising where everything is. I've looked at pictures, but I can't seem to find a rider with passenger and bags, so I don't really understand how they'd all be situated, or if this is even feasible.

The character's an experienced rider, and the passenger's an experienced passenger, so if adjustments are needed to the bike/foot pegs (where are those, anyway?), etc, it's really no problem.

ETA: I think I've got everything sorted now. Thank you all for being so incredibly helpful!
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