December 5th, 2006


more on satanic titles and on higher doctorates . . .

Following up to my post yesterday regarding the use of the title of magistra in satanic and Sethian churches, I have the following questions:

If, in rare instance, you had a very bright, gay, male teen (around 16) who became a magister of such a church, through his own appointment or otherwise, and he wanted for effect to use the female title of magistra, could he?

In addition, does anyone know much about the so-called higher doctorates beyond the Ph.D.? I know that (aside from professional doctorates such as the M.D. and D.V.M.) there are higher earned degrees than a Ph.D. traditionally in the European systems, such as the French doctorate d'état and some German degrees.

South Park: Kyle writing, Kyle writing

devout Jews and their discontents (PG for language)

Hi all!

I'm writing an, um, novel (swallow), so I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many, many, many, many questions. I guess I'll start with this one:

What words or phrases might devout Jews substitute for such typical American English interjections as, "Holy [whatever]!" or "G-d damn it!" or "Dammit!" or "Hell!" or "Heavens!" or "Jesus Christ!" or "Jeez!" ... and so on? I presume exclamations such as, "By HaShem!", while arguably avoiding the Name of G-d, still violates the spirit of the First Commandment.

Many thanks!