December 2nd, 2006

Slang for a police station

I'm looking for a term that a street kid would use to refer to a police station. The sentence I'm working on is, "Do you need to get to the station tonight?" It sounds a little too formal to my ear.

I've been looking at various online slang dictionaries, and I've come up with a lot of words for a police station, but none of them sound quite right. "Downtown", "station house", "precinct" - all too cop, or, at least, too macho. "Take me in" would work in terms of level of diction, but it doesn't work in context, since she isn't being taken in.

The speaker is a fifteen-year-old white, female runaway from the rural Midwest, in Chicago, in the late 1990s. She is speaking to a male Chicago cop in his late thirties, but contextually, she actually kind of is in a position of power over him at the time the exchange occurs, which is I think part of why I'm having such a hard time phrasing the sentence.

Any and all ideas would be vastly appreciated!

Quantum computing and the glories of (non-rigorous) sci-fi

A question for any Trekkies who know something about the practicalities and ongoing research of quantum computing.

-To you, would it seem incongruous for the 2230s of Star Trek -- land of spiffy, sparkly transporters and magical 'inertial dampening fields' -- to not have practical and universal quantum computing?

-If, on the face of it, it sounds unlikely to you that practical and compact quantum computers would not have been developed in that period, what might constitute sufficient explanation for it? Would a sentence along the lines of 'The pesky problem of isolating qubits cheaply and compactly had simply proved insurmountable' do it for you?

Procuring Books in British Boarding School

Everyone was so helpful on my last Britpicky question, that I come to you again asking assistance.

I've wiki'd and read about the British school system and boarding schools, so I'm familiar with all of that, at least enough to work with it in my story. However, I haven't come across the issue of school books. I tried googling it, but came up with a bunch of hits, or wiki hits that brought me back to my original research. Part of my knowledge is drawing off of the HP book series, but I'm not sure how much of it applies to your average, modern day, non-wizarding boarding school.

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That should be all for now. Thanks for the help with Britpicking! Why I decided to set my trilogy in the UK, while being from the US, I don't know, but thankfully there are helpful sites and helpful people out there to call upon :)

EDIT/UPDATE: Thank you to all the very helpful posters who gave me the information I needed. This will all go to good use, I promise! Thanks again :D
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Epinephrine, epi pens - alternate use...

Okay - say you had someone who had 'spells'. Really, mini-seziures. Once or twice, this person had stopped breathing and their heart had stopped beating because of the 'spell'.

What would the effect be if someone used an epipen on them? Anything at all? A little something? More specifically - would the epipen have any effect on getting their heart or breathing going again?

Also, re - using epinephrine in a resuscitation:This beneficial action comes with a significant negative consequence—increased cardiac irritability—which may lead to additional complications immediately following an otherwise successful resuscitation.

Would this negative effect also occur from the use of an epipen or is the amount of drug too small?


ETA: I pretty much have my answer, feel free to add anything if you like. Thanks again!
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Smoking tobacco

Ooookay. So, the premise is:
1. The two characters switch bodies because of a freak chemical accident.
2. Character A is a smoker (I'd estimate that he consumes one to two packs a day), character B is not.
3. Character A attempts to smoke in character B's body.

Several questions:
1. According to wikipidia, nicotine does cause psychological dependency, but that addiction comes from the nicotine residue left in the body. If that's the case, is it plausible for Character A to crave (is that even the correct word to use?) for nicotine while in another body?

2. Assuming that A does get the urge to light a cigarette, would he be able to smoke like he had in his previous body, or would he smoke like a newbie?
(To people who've tried to quit smoking, have succeeded for more than a month or two, and then picked up another pack: did you have difficulty in remembering how to smoke?)

3. Assuming that A does smoke like a newbie: What would he experience, physically and mentally? I've never smoked, so I don't know what a new smoker feels. I do know, however, that there's coughing involved.
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British (preferably) autopsy transcript, and what happens to dead bodies?

Vague, I know.

The idea is this: I have a man performing an autopsy on a girl who died, I'm wanting to use drowned or cut her wrists. I really need autopsy transcripts (modern ones), if they even exist? As a way to start the story, introduce it with the transcript.

I also need to know what sort of state the body would be in - I know blood sinks to the bottom of the body and the general appearance, but what would happen if the body revived itself? Would there be a noticeable difference from that of a living person (skin colour, blood colour, etc?)

Any further details on autopsies would be appreciated also.

And to return the favour, if you need info for teen brit picking, suffering from anxiety or body modification, I'm your girl. ^-^
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high school fights

My character is male and he's getting in a fight at his high school with a bunch of other teenage boys. (In the United States.)

I've never been in a fist fight in my life. What would the other people try to do? (Punch the face? Punch the stomach? Scratch, bite, kick, whatever's necessary to win?) What kind of injuries might he and the parties come away with?

What usually ends such a fight? (Teacher intervening? Other students pulling them apart? One party giving up?)

Also, what's the typical school punishment for getting in a big fight? Suspension for a day? Week? Other?
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Bosnia & Herzegovina/Serbia - Handcuffs, Last Names, and Cops

I have a few quick questions,  and these are all concerning Bosnia/Herzegovina and/or Serbia during the very beginning of World War I.

Also, this is for a play (I hope this is allowed), and because of time constraints, we're unable to do anything very time-consuming regarding props (question 4) and such.

1.) Although it's set in Bosnia and Herzegovina, would it be alright to have Serbian last names? I know the two were closely related, but would they have the same type of last names?

2.) On that note, would this be an accurate list of Serbian last names during this period?

3.) Would cops refer to each other as "Officer"? If not, is there another term they'd use, or would they refer to each other by their last names? First names?

4.) Were handcuffs used in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time? If, say, I was interrogating three people, two of them restrained in a chair, would it be sensible to tie them to the chair? Would any other restraint methods be better?

5.) Lastly, would I tie up the third prisoner, even though he was being peaceful and was actually suspected of a much minor crime than the other two (normally they wouldn't be interrogated together, I know, but they have to be in the case, can't be helped)? He's being brought in for a routine investigation brought on by an anonymous tip; he is not suspected of anything major at this point.

Thank you~