November 30th, 2006

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  • lisabel

Daily Routine on a Royal Navy ship of war

The scope of this question covers the year 1811 specifically, though I'm sure that routine such as this didn't change much from what was normal in the 18th century Royal Navy.

After having browsed several webpages and having gotten conflicting answers from them, I'm just about as confused as I can well be on the subject...can any of you possibly help unmuddle me?

Specifically, when did the officers of a RN vessel eat their meals? I know the hands were piped to their meals at 8AM, 12Noon and during the dogwatches by watch...but when did the officers dine? Not the captain as I understand that he dined alone and at different times from his officers, but the wardroom officers themselves. And, was the officer on watch permitted to dine with his messmates? If so, who stood watch while he was below? What about the gunroom officers?

Any help on the subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

Rape Counseling in the 1940s

I'm writing a story where I need to know what services (if any) were available to rape victims in the 1940s and what tips a friend/family member might be given at that time to help the victim out. I'm mostly interested in the US and England (but anything would be helpful).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks for the info. I figured that was what the answer would be as (especially after searching for almost three hours on the subject and coming up with nada) but I'm glad for the corroboration.
  • arinye

Foreigners in Warring-States Japan

Would a teenage boy, living in Edo around the end of the Warring States period of Japanese history (1601 or so), have ever seen a foreigner before?
As in, would he (if presented with one) think 'oh, a gaijin' and put the matter mentally to rest, or assume he's being confronted with some variety of demon or spirit and react accordingly? Especially if (as in the story) he's surprised?
This is an alternate-Earth, with the 'myths' of our Earth being real people and creatures, so some fudging is allowed.