November 18th, 2006


flag officer forms of address?

This is somewhat a follow-up to my previous posting regarding a fictional situation where a Secretary of Energy is embarked on a navy ship and finds herself the surviving senior Federal official responsible for the entire nation. My new question, however, is:

Would an admiral or general, having flag rank, always be addressed as "admiral" or "general" instead of as "sir"?

As a captain or admiral is announced by rank when on deck or on the bridge, would the Secretary of Energy also be announced when entering a deck level, room, or the bridge? Remember, for purposed of this story, she's acting in the authority of the president and is carrying out military duties aboardship and not there for a simple visitation.


contemporary non-commercial salsa (female) vocalists

Ok, one more question from me to pester you good people with!

I am not as up on latin music as I once was . . . could someone name some female vocalists who are performing non-commercial, critically-acclaimed, salsa and/or merengue these days? I am thinking along the lines of Olga Tañón before she went all pop in the early 2000s or Gisselle, before she more or less did the same.

I have a character who is a huge Willie Colón fan who needs some respectable female vocalists to compare to latin pop which he detests . . .

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Divorce in 1940s America

I've got a plot bunny for a single mother living in New York City in 1946 but I don't really know how people would treat her considering that divorce was thought of as wrong back then and what sort of help/treatment she would receive. She's the mother of a one year old (maybe living with her parents?) My story will be following her daily life and might include her meeting another man whom she falls in love with depending on any information you can give me.

Thank you so much in advance!
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Emergency room/police precedure / supected sexual assault

So, I have a character, Chas, who gets brought in to the emergency room by his lover, Zladko after some unfortunate events. (Basically, Zladko turned into a monster whne he lost ccontrol of his powers and "claimed" chas, which led to injuries)

Chas has a lot of injuries - grab marks from two sets of hands, bite marks, scratches, and,um, the sort of bleeding/tearing you would get from really, really rough, no-preparation sex with someone who is 8 foot tall and size-proportioned.

What would be the procedure for this sort of a thing? Where woudl they take Chas? Who would be asking him the uncomfortable questions cause they would assume he was raped? What would they do with Zladko - would he be directed to a room to pace and wait for Chas to be fixed up and the boys in blue to arrive?

the story is not set anywhere specific so that does not matter - any procedure or anything useful is welcomed.
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On college towns in Vermont, and Vampires

Hi! I'm doing a story set in a fictional college town in Vermont during fall to winter, and I was wondering what nearby establishments or features should be there in the town that would give it a more realistic feel of being set in Vermont? I tried in google and wikipedia, got some good leads, but I want other opinions, just in case. 

And does anyone know of other New England vampires or incident other than <a href="">Mercy Brown</a>? 

Thanks in advance. ^_^

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London to Bath by Train, but which London Station as Point of Departure?

First post, but long-time lurker!

I've Googled. I've wiki'd. I've looked over my London pocket map. I've looked at search results and read til I'm blue in the face, and still, unless I either post here or make a long-distance phonecall overseas, or show up there in person with my inquiry... I'm stuck. It's only a small point of contention, hardly important in the scope of my story (my NaNovel, to be precise) but I want it to be accurate. And since this is the least expensive option, I'll ask here ;)

My story takes place in the UK in modern times (It's January 2006, currently), but there are elements of fantasy to it. I have a character who leases a flat in the Russell Square section of London, and she needs to get from London to Bath straight away and will take the next available train out of.... which station? I found on this site that transport out of London to other areas of the UK depends on where in the UK you are going. My research has shown there are these possible stations out of which she could travel: Victoria, Euston Station, King's Cross, Liverpool Street.

When I went from London to Bath we drove, but I know there's a train station in Bath my character can arrive at, but just not sure where she could go out of, or if those are all viable options. In that case I apologize for time wasting, but I'm just looking to be accurate, not living in the UK myself :) Are there any Londoners or UK residents who would know which station I should have her go to? Again it's only a small point of contention, but I've put a lot of careful thought and research into other areas of this story so I'd like this to be as accurate as possible as well. Thank you very much in advance!

EDIT/UPDATE: Thank you to all the amazingly quick responses! I knew this would be the place to ask. I now know she needs to go out of Paddington Station, and it'll take just under 2 hours to reach Bath Spa station. Excellent. Accuracy here I come!

Paris streetscape 1905

I have a young bohemian arriving in Paris in 1905 to study painting. While I have a good sense of where she will live and study etc, what I want is some pointers to a resource that will help me visualise what the city would have looked, smelt and felt like in 1905. I can think of lots of books for the London equivalent, but nothing leaps to mind for Paris. Obviously, I can research specific questions like the cost of a Metro ticket etc, but I'd like a book (or, I suppose, a web resource of some kind) to help thicken up the general details. Photographs would be great. I read French.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can make suggestions.

Blow up my character's medical lab

Say you want to cause an explosion in a medical lab, either accidently or not. What could do it? An autoclave or a biological incubation chamber, maybe? It doesn't need to be a big explosion, just enough to kill someone and start a fire.

Present day, and it's a lab developing a drug, to be more specific. The researcher would probably have some other projects on the go, too.

If all else fails I'll go with electrical fire + gas, but I'd like some more interesting options if possible.
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Georgian styles

This is a very general question and I have books at home I've looked at and have tried google and wiki but I'm not even sure what I should be searching for.
Basically I've created a character who is lost between times/places/species it's all very confusing and I'm only just starting out, she is currently in Georgian England and I'd like details on fashion, basically.
What would the clothing be like for a young girl of 20-23, what would her hair and make-up be like? (She's a member of the aristocracy) What would the furniture be like? Blackadder III doesn't seem like the most accurate place to get advice, really.

I am researching the Georgian period I just figured this would be the place to ask for information that would actually be useful.
I know it changed across the times, it isn't a specific year yet so it'll probably just end up being the year I can get most information on.

Thank you all in advance.