November 17th, 2006

Adult Doctors and Nurses

I am writing a 52 part sort Adult comic strip where the main characters are a Doctor and a Nurse.

I'm after any ideas that people may have, such as takes on medical procedures that could be manipulated into adult content - or just silly situations that might come to mind. The naughtier, the better!

Please note that comments will contain adult material, so please don't read them if you are easily offended.
Making Notes

Crappy places to stay

Okay, part of my NaNo takes place in Chicago, circa 1994.

What I'm looking for is a place for my two characters to stay that's either a crappy hotel, or just somewhere cheap (but still preferably crappy) to stay for a couple of nights until they get their bearings, and I have no idea where to even begin looking for that kind of detail elsewhere.
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Alternatives to Breast Feeding in the 19th Century

My story is set (well this bit at any rate) in Victorian England. 1871 to be precise. The mother dies in child birth. Now today you'd just run to the store and buy formula to feed the new born ... would I be right in assuming they'd use a wet nurse in the 19th Century? Or is there a better option?

ETA - Thanks guys. The family is pretty rich so a wet nurse is feasible but the formula might actually be better (since the need for a wet nurse is pretty sudden, the mother was planning on feeding the child herself, unfortunately she's going to die within a day or two of the birth).

forms of address for a Secretary of Energy

If, in a state of national emergency, the Secretary of Energy was acting as commander-in-chief but was not about to assume the role as president (let's say they knew the president was alive and ok but he could not get to a place where he could command military forces) what would her (secretary's) title be and how would military leaders address her in person?

If, to complicate matters, she was onboard an aircraft carrier and was in command (by default as highest-ranked civil government official) would she be actually addressed as "sir" as, in example Dr. Crusher was on Next Generation when in temporary command of the Enterprise-D?

Odd questions . . .actually for a friend's fan-fic but we're arguing over some picky details so . . .


Soviet Psychiatry and Pedophilia

I have a tentative plot point based on my extremely sketchy understanding of Soviet psychiatric practices. Can anyone confirm or refute?

My character, Z, was born in some Eastern European, Communist Bloc country. I haven't specified which country -- I hope to leave his background a bit vague. He has immigrated to the United States as an adult, either before or after the end of the Cold War -- I have a little leeway there.

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Starvation, and Mythology

(This is my first post here.  I've been trying to research this for a little while, but all that google will turn up for me is African charity websites, and Led Zeppelin.)

I have a character, who I'll describe in just a second, who leaves home one day to live on the street, and gives up eating completely.  He's 17 and quite fit, although not one of those obsessive health fanatics.  (Think of the kind of person who bikes to school and hikes for fun.  He's also a vegetarian, and never really liked fatty foods.)  I don't want him to die of dehydration, so I've written in that a friend forces him to drink a bottle of water every day.  The story takes place in a fairly northern Canadian city, in and around October.  (I'm setting it in a city like Edmonton, Alberta, since that's where I live.)  My character spends his whole day sitting on the street, mostly in silence and without moving.  Now for the questions:

1) How long will it be before he is noticibly starved for food?  I mean, how long until your typical apathetic city person will pass him and think "man, that kid needs some food!"?
2) I'm guessing that increasingly cold temperatues (dipping below 0 celcius and even 10 or 20 Celcuis, and with some snow) would affect how long my character would survive for.  Actually I'm hoping it will - I can't have him hanging around forever.  How long could a person in his circumstances survive with absolutly no nourishment in this kind of climate?
3) I've seen contradictory accounts as to how, erm, "peaceful" death by starvation is.   Does anyone have some good information as to how 'quiet' the death would be?  Theoretically I can just skip over this bit if I need too, but I'd sure like to know.  

The other thing, which may explain why I turned up results about Led Zeppelin, is that I need some myths for my male character to tell the female one.  The one I've got already is the myth of the Swan Song.   Does anyone know any myths that have similar concepts, but are distinct?

(I'm sorry if any of this is really obvious or anything.  I tried, really!)

Edit: Thanks to everyone who helped!


Russian Formal and Informal Address

Although my story is in English, I'd like to have an idea of how my Soviet characters would address each other for a few translations and to try to have an idea of what they'd sound like in their native language to make it sound more realistic in mine. Formal (vy) and informal (ty) distinction is not something I understand instinctively, so I want to check over a few specific situations. Skimming the old prison camp literature hasn't been too helpful, since I don't have a baseline to compare it to. I understand that the addresses are very subjective and depend a lot on the attitude of the person involved, but I'd like to know what would be expected, or at least most likely, in a few relationships:

1. Military officer to another branch officer of roughly equal rank, who have known each other for years on good terms (I'm thinking vy when they're on duty, ty when off?)
2. Military officer to a lower-ranking officer
3. Officer/guard to a prisoner
4. Prisoners to each other (mostly at a first meeting--would it be typical to use ty to differentiate us v. them with the officers' vy, and which would be more sinister/revealing: a criminal leader addressing you ty or vy? )

The setting is a Soviet prison in the mid-fifties; the population is made up of both common criminals and political prisoners.
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Post Mortem Urination

Morbid question for the group,

I know that after death everything sort of...lets go...and the corpse pees/shits him/herself. Does anyone know long does it take before that happens? It seems like it might happen right away, but they don't tend to show that in film/tv. (I haven't ever watched someone die. Luckily.)

If it matters, my character has a heart attack brought on my stress. How long before he relieves himself?

Random question

Can you preserve dandelions with the fluff still on it? Like in a jar, or something? Or does the fluff fall off?

I have no idea how anyone would know this, haha, but it's worth a shot.

Cut achilles tendon -- healing time etc

Hiya -- I've something going on in which a character's right Achille's tendon was sliced through with a knife. I need to know what the healing time would be for that particular injury and what it would entail, as well as what sort of long-term problems might occur -- anyone able to help, thank you so much!

Edited to add: For reference, this occurs in the current time. The tendon was sliced with a very sharp knife and not initially treated for about 30 minutes or thereabouts. Initial service would not include going to the hospital, but would include medical staff coming to do basic cleanup so he didn't die (the character is a hostage/prisoner at the moment). There's the assumption that within the week or so, he would be out of that situation and put in the situation to actually go to a hospital.