November 14th, 2006

Order of medical procedures

I've got a character who's presenting to the ER with a concussion, a gunshot wound to one arm (mostly a bad graze), and a broken wrist. I know the treatment for all three, but I'm not sure what order they'd be treated in - would it be concussion, graze, wrist or graze, concussion, wrist?

ETA - I've got what I need!

Chinese industry

Hi, I'm looking for a good info site on the history of small-scale or private industry in ancient China. The timescale doesn't really matter as it's for a fantasy world based on China, so I can fudge it. Google gives me a lot of info on the 20th century, but not much else. Wikipedia informs me that paper, silk, cotton, and porcelain goods were the main products, but anything beyond that? In short, what are good jobs for my working-class OCs?
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a pair of warriors, male and female

I'm looking for an literary or popcult allusion, and I have googled, truly. I need a pair of warrior gods, male and female, or demigods, or hero & and heroine, or even pop culture male and female do-gooders. The obvious, like Mars and Minerva, aren't good for me, as Artemis' virginity sort of defeats my purposes, nor do I want brother-sister deities. This will be for my female main character to compare herself and and the male main character to. She's wearing him down, whilst he's balky and protect-y and unwilling to have her as a partner. The context I'll use it in will be something like, "I'll be Bonnie Parker to your Clyde Barrow."

This can't be any male and female hero and heroine in Jossverse, either. Thanking you in advance.

Edited to say: Found it, but thanks to all who answered!
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Effects of a gunshot wound

My character is hit by two bullets, modern-day setting, standard police handgun.

First wound: bullet grazes his face, just over the cheekbone. Will the wound be bleeding or more of a burn be plausible? (I want the burn)

Second wound: ricochet enters his leg. The bullet stops against the bone without breaking it. Is this plausible or will the bullet have too much force? He's about five meters away from his shooter.

I am planning on having him run fifteen more meters before he collapses. Is that possible with such a wound?

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Car in water, declaration of death?

1) If a car went over a cliff, into the sea at high tide - is it possible the car would remain on the beach when the tide went back out again? If it did get pulled out, would it go far?

2) If someone was bleeding in the car, before it went over, and it hadn't yet dried, is it possible the blood could be found in the car? Any traces of DNA at all? Or would being in water for a few hours just wash everything away?

3) If the police find the car - where would they take it? The story is set in modern day England. Is there somewhere they get taken, in case they need to be kept for criminal investigation? Would they just search the car then take it to any old car dump to be trashed? ETA: If they believe the person to be dead, how long would they keep it there? If they thought it was just a case of someone losing control on the road and accidently drove off the cliff.

4) If no body is found, but the police believe the person is dead and been washed out to sea - how long would it take for them to declare this? Could it be quite soon? Do they have to wait years? Could a girlfriend - not a fiancée or wife - have any rights to ask he'd not declared dead, if she believes him to be alive? If the only other family member is a sister, could she ask he be declared dead? How long before a death certificate is issued in this case?

ETA: I completely forgot to say - he's not a British citizen. Both the missing/dead person and the girlfriend are American, and are in England studying/working.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!