November 13th, 2006

Hate It!

1400's and Russia and ceremonial items

So -- a few historical questions about items that might be called "archeological" if found at a dig site :>. These items should all date from approximately the 1400's, but could be earlier if need be. They might be originals, they might be reproductions. Either is fine -- if repros, they would be historically accurate. All were need to have been constructed in the 1400's, tho could be replicas from an earlier time.

1. Think ceremonial bowls, used for an altar set (doesn't matter if it's Christian, Pagan or Other). From Russia -- would I be looking for Ornately carved wood, stone (such as malachite) or silver work? I'm kind of hoping for the malachite, but can't fine anything on the topic to tell me. Bonus, of course, is that most of my readers won't be able to either...
2. Goblets for that same altar set. I'm interested in using the Colored Cut Lead Crystal (deep, bright colors) that I've seen in goblets from Eastern Europe (often referred to as Czech), but as I'm working in the 1400's and can't find any references earlier than the mid 1600's, I'm wondering if a precious metal would be more appropriate? Silver?
3. Where do I find the most delicate and best worked wrought iron? I can have it imported, but where would it be *from*?
4. And lastly, how about the Finest Leather Work? Scabard for a ceremonial knife (think the size of an Athame), so not just decorative, but functional as well.

Thanks for any help on this -- I'm closing in on my final "can't find 'em details" and any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: OK -- couple of things:
1. The items in question "seem to be of Russian origin", but are found in a buried sanctuary in Northern Africa with equally intriging altar items from other cultures.
2. Altar sets represent the dominant religion of the culture from which they seem to be -- so I've got a Pagan Celtic set, an African Anamistic set, a Russian (I believe) Christian set, and so on. My problem, oddly, is not being able to nail down the proper elements for "seems to be Russian in origin" as my history of "Russia" tends to only go back into the most recent Czars...

Thanks again!

Kill me, kill me now

Does anyone have any good recommendations for in depth coverage of the Holly King/Oak King myth? Like, not something reinvented by fluffbunny neopagans or whatever, I'm wanting forced to do the reinventing myself, thanks. I know the basic story and all, but I'd like more detail on the background.

I've googled for it and well, I couldn't find anything that wasn't mostly about rituals for Yule.

Eighteenth Century Wills

I'm not really sure how to even begin looking for this.

Would it be possible, in the 18th century, to set up a sort of foundation to care for a house for a specified period of time before it could be sold to someone else. I'm talking a period of several hundred years. Money could be made to not be an issue.

Basically this is the scenario.

Person A wants to be able to will the house to Person B, but B won't be alive for another two hundred or so years to take control of the house. A wants to put in his will that the house will be maintained (possibly used as an art museum or some such thing) until the 21st century, at which time it will revert to private ownership and be sold for x amount. B will be aware at what point the house will go on the market, and therefore be able to purchase the house for a relatively low purchase price.

It's convoluted but would be extremely helpful for the Nanoing.

EDIT: Question answered in a variety of interesting ways. Explaining the process (whatever I choose) will certainly boost the old word count. Thanks for all the help!

EDIT 2: I don't know why my subject line didn't post the first time. I'm really sorry, and have no excuse except for maybe quirky computer.

Toronto Zoo layout...

NaNoWriMo once again. I have the map of the Toronto Zoo on their web page, and it has been years since I have been there so the only bit I can clearly remember is the giant hill of doom leading down to the Canadian animals, namely the moose, the reason I walked down and up it in the first place because it was a winter weekday and the tram wasn't running.

But that's not the point. I'm sure they have penguins, but where are they? They aren't indicated on the map, which worries me a little, but what kind of massive zoo doesn't have a penguin building? A description of "They're between the _______ and the ______" would work well, especially if those were animals on my little map here. (That's a pdf that takes a minute or two to load, so brace thyselves.)

Feel free to slap me if they are on this map but I'm not seeing them, as that's entirely possible.