November 11th, 2006

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UK Girls' Boarding Schools

For a little Christmas story I'm planning in one of my original fiction universes. I've got two teenage girls, who are half-sisters, but who will probably have been sent to different boarding schools. My gut instinct is that the older girl will be a Cheltenham Ladies College pupil, while the younger one will be at Roedean. I can get the basics from the school websites, but what are the real differences in attitude between the two schools and their pupils?

If it's any help, the older girl is more of an outdoors-y, independent type, while the younger one is a more indoors-y 'Daddy's girl' (although her affections are split between her, often absent, real father and the other two male role models in her life).

And I'm happy to take suggestions for different schools to send one or the other to.
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Blindness caused by quinine overdose

First off, thanks for all the response from my last post!  I'm thinking about using quinine overdose; I got that response from a reply to my post at the NaNo forums, and it looks interesting (and there are tons more medical reports, which makes life easier for me).  Speaking of which, I've just finished reading a whole bunch of medical reports and the like from PubMed Central, all of which gave me a truckload of information about quinine poisoning, but there's an issue: All of the reports that I've read have mentioned temporary blindness as a result from quinine overdose.

Meanwhile, I know that quinine overdose can cause permanent blindness, according to the person who suggested it to me on the NaNo forums.  But I've been having difficulties finding case reports on it.  So, if anyone personally knows of any instances of that (experience as a paramedic or whatever), or happens to stumble upon one, I would greatly appreciate the help.  :) My story doesn't require me to describe it in detail (it's set in an alternate universe, actually, so I could probably make up a substance if I wanted to), but I'm intruigued myself and want to know.

Thanks in advance!

- hl
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Time spent together when happily married

To happily married couples: anecdotal info wanted.

When you were first married, how much time did you spend together with your spouse as compared to now?

Specifically, I'm looking whether it's plausible for two people to start out spending pretty much all their time together immediately after being married, but gradually start to give each other more alone-time to do their own thing, without actually growing apart in any way. I'm not just talking about sex, either, simply "time spent together when not working" will do.

I get the impression my parents did this, but they're weird. :P And I don't know how common a phenomenon it actually is.
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Facial scarring questions (18th century)

Once again, I have a "I don't really know where to start with this" situation.

I have a character with a large, noticeable facial scar which goes from just next to his nose to just below his ear. I've tried googling both websites and pictures, but neither give me the information I needed.

The character in question is a young soldier from a fairly accurate (in most ways) approximation of the late 18th century. I know that people with different skin types tend to scar differently, so it's probably worth pointing out that he's caucasian.

1. How would the cut have initially been treated? (It's fairly deep, but doesn't go right through his cheek.) From what I can tell, something similar to butterfly bandages were often used- would this have been practical for a facial injury, or would it be more likely to have been sewn together?

2. (This is the point where Google Images failed me.) What would this scar actually look like? Would it simply be a line of differently-coloured skin, or would it be raised or sunken? (Unfortunately, I don't have any scars which are big enough for me to figure this out for myself!) Also, would the skin around it be pulled/puckered in any way?

3. What would the scar feel like to touch? What would somebody with no large scars of their own first notice about it if they touched it?

ETA: Thanks a lot, folks- that's a great help!

Chelsea Bridge in London

So, the Chelsea Bridge in London - I can find pictures, but not data. How high is it above the river? If anyone knows (though this is less important), how much does this change when the water level goes up and down? Basically, I'm looking to make a character fall off of it; assuming swimming is not a problem for her, how bad is the fall itself, and what is the river like in the area of the Chelsea Bridge?
Thank you!
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Forgetfulness in Folktales

Hi, did a bit of googling and wiki-ing, but didn't find anything useable.

I need a fairytale/folktale/myth in which the hero or heroine is cursed with amnesia. I know there are several, and they're right on the edge of my mind, but I can't for the life of me chase them somewhere intelligible.

So, the amnesia needs to be a significant part of the plot. Ideally, it is amnesia that causes regression to childhood (or perhaps they are cursed with regressing to childhood), but any kinda of amnesia will work. It can be a fairytale of the Grimm/Hans Christian Andersen style, a folk tale, or full-blown mythology--Celtic, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, or Middle Eastern. The details of the story (ie, the amnesia/regression) are more important than its provenance.

Gah, I should be able to think of this myself. I know they exist; I've read them myself, I just can't seem to remember any specific examples where the amnesia is the main obstacle to be overcome.

Any and all thoughts gratefully appreciated.

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Stop Seizure, Induce Coma?

I have googled this and after a few word combinations I can't find what I'm looking for.

I have a character who is in a coma. He just woke up, uttered 5 words, and collapsed into a seizure.

A nurse is going to come in and give him an injection to stop the seizures.

What drug would that be?

Also, something that would be more likely to allow him to drop back into the coma or a very deep sleep for a few hours would be nice.

Thank you.
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Motel room pornography

Er. I checked around the usual googe-ish places, but possibly this is something you can only find out by doing it, or maybe it's common knowledge for locals. If you stay at a motel in the USA and they have pay-per-view porn on the TV, do you have to ring up and ask for it/ask at the front desk or can you just be flicking channels and come across it?


ETA: Information found. I am hugely impressed by the pornographic knowledge of this community. Thank you!
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Is Fruit Dead?

I realize that sounds like a crazy question, but that's what I'm trying to figure out, and for the life of me I have no idea how to look it up.

Basically, this is what I would love to know for a fic: Does fruit die when you pick it, the way at least some flowers die? Are the apples or bananas or whatever we buy in the supermarket dead, or just, uh, dying slowly? Is a fruit dead when it rots, the way a corpse rots when a person or animal dies?

I'm not sure if this is the weirdest thing that's been posted here recently, but I'm sure it's right up there. Nevertheless, I would be grateful for any thoughts on the subject.

Thank you very much.

EDIT: I am amazed, truly, and grateful. I never expected such a diversity of thought on the topic, or that so many people would be kind enough to turn their minds to it. It's actually a bit embarrassing that I just want it for a very simple scene, rather than an entire story. But your information was so good, I'm thinking of ways to use this for an original novel. Thank you all again.


I've been trying to find a source for this quote, in order to properly credit it in a story.

I don't believe this is actually the proper quote, even, which may complicate it. The person who recited it to me says he thinks it might be Churchill, and that he believes that he's paraphrasing. I'm hoping it sounds vaguely familiar to someone--and yes, I know, I've given you a plethora of information to work with. =P Sorry!

"If my son were not a liberal at age <21? 18?>, I would think he had no heart. If he were still one at 30, I would think he had no brain."

I tried a few variations on the words on Google, but I haven't been able to track it down.