November 9th, 2006

  • mzdany

gang slang

Hello :)
I would need some help with gang-related terms and names. My protagonists are being bullied by a gang (in California, if that would matter), and since I am a 30-ish white girl with about as much knowledge about gang life as flying a space ship, I thought this would be the perfect place to ask.

So - I was wondering: What would be some slang terms commonly used? The gang is going for extortion of a local business man, btw.
Also, I would need some names for my gang members.
It's not any particular gang; matter of fact, the name of the gang will probably never be mentioned at all. But if anyone has ideas for cool-sounding gang names, I'm taking suggestions ;)
Thanks for the help!

Cleveland Ohio Russian/Romanian neighbourhoods

I've heard of the Russian neighbourhoods in Cleveland, I'm just not sure where they are. Could someone give me a rough idea? I can make do after that, but if someone could give me a rough area (streets means you are loved deeply and truly) I'd really appreciate it.

And are there Romanian neighbourhoods? (Or better Roma ones? I'll settle for Romanian though.)

.. My NaNo wants odd things.