November 4th, 2006

Dear God...


Whoo! It's my first time posting. S'up, everyone? :D

Are there any aviators out there? I've a quick question (or, actually, a multitude of questions!)! I'm writing a story that deals with a transcontinental flight from Denver, Colorado, to New York, New York. The things I wish to ask are...

1) One wouldn't really fly a four-engined jet (like an Airbus 340 or a Boeing) for a trip so short-distanced, would they? Is that even normal? Are there any four-engined jets you would use for a trip such as this, or is that totally uncalled for? :p

2) If you wouldn't use the abovementioned jet, which model would one generally usually use for this flight? :D

3) On a flight from Denver to New York, generally about how many hours would it take to reach your destination?

Thank you very much for your time and patience! ^-^ Thank goodness for communities like this! xD
Lady Illusion

Superhero Fashion Detail: Leg Bands

It's something I only have a couple of superbeing links for. (I have a feeling there might be more out there--I have a very poor visual memory.) They're Kon-El, and Sparx. She would've been created after him, and it's not impossible that there was an influence, but they're very different characters made for different companies.

I'm wondering: is there a specific purpose for the fashion? I've heard it suggested that it's meant to recall a thigh holster. Are there any other possible reasons? I don't know of any fandom-specific reasons. It seems too small a band to be armour or support (though a character from Sparx' series also wears something like it, and complains of a crippled leg).
Texas Rangers

Bullet Calibers on Hunting Rifles

I've found various manufacturers' listings for which calibers the hunting rifles can handle, but I haven't been able to find any data on how big a hole each caliber would make. I need a caliber that is big enough to cause a debilitating wound but which would probably pass through rather than fragmenting or leaving a hole so large the person would likely bleed to death.
Abandon, Dance

Arabic Culture and The Duel

Another one folks. Looking to find out if in Arabic culture there is (or was at any time, my characters are long lived) anything resembling the duel and if so, what it's called, how the challenge is made and what the rules (and timeline for popular use) were. If it matters, my Arabic characters are from Northern Africa, Morocco to be specific.

A nod in a good direction would be good too -- I can't find anything looking, so either I'm using the wrong filters for searching or I'm looking in the wrong places :>.

Hells Yes!

The Goblin King in Irish Mythology

A dream-spawned plotbunny has seized onto my mind with its long, pointy teeth and is demanding a story loosely based in the Labyrinth paradigm but set in Ireland. That requires me to fit the Goblin King and the labyrinth and all that into the paradigm of Irish mythology, which I know nothing about other than leprechauns aren't after my Lucky Charms. ;)

Is there any place for a Goblin King among the gods of Irish mythology? If not, might he have some kind of place among the fae? Would it work to have him bring changelings instead of just taking children? What name might he go by? Will I have to make this into some kind of Irish mythological AU?
  • mzdany

Japanese name

Hello :)
I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a particular male Japanese name for me. My main character is born in America, and because I want the Americans to pretty much immediately 'americanize' his name I needed a name that sounded very similar to an American name. After much name-googling, I came up with the Japanese 'Naizen', which the Americans will dub Nathan (I thought that sounded similar enough).
Now, my character's father is unknown, but his mother is Japanese, and I vaguely remember that they put a lot of weight into their offspring's names. So if anyone has an opinion about the name Naizen, I'd appreciate any input.
I don't want my protagonist to accidentially end up with a name like 'son of the devil' or something like that...;)

I wanted to thank everyone who has replied to my Japanese name query for their wonderful tips, hints, suggestions and links. I appreciate all of them, and I will definitely find a good name now! :)
Again, thank you all very much! This is a very helpful community!!
  • eiluned

Stab wound to the heart

I'm writing an X-Men story where a character needs to die quickly. If someone is stabbed directly in the heart, how long would it take for them to die? The best I've found on Google is that it usually takes less than five minutes depending on where the wound is and how big it is, but I can't seem to pin down anything more precise than that. Wikipedia was spectacularly unhelpful.

Let's say someone was stabbed directly in the heart with Wolverine's claws. He knows how to kill quickly, so he would maybe twist or move the claws a certain way to do more damage. If his claws damaged the aorta (at least, I'd imagine that all three claws going in would damage pretty much the entire heart), how quickly would that person bleed out? Would two and a half to three minutes be believable?

Thanks in advance. :)

Weights and heights

Man, I could spend hours scrolling through this comm, picking up lots of miscellaneous info. This community is just awesome.

I am trying to figure out the appropriate weights and heights for two characters at various ages.
First, what are the ages at which boys have their major growth spurts? At what age would you say that a boy looses the last of his baby fat and when does he start to develop real muscle definition?

Character one is 28 years old and 6'. Male Caucasian who works out.
What would he weigh now?
What would both his height and weight be at 21? 18? 14? 11? 6? 3?

Character two is 24 years old and 6'4". Male Caucasian who works out.
What would he weigh now?
What would both his height and weight be at 22? 18? 15? 10? 6? 4?

Finally, would anyone who knows a lot about body development be willing to work with me as a kind of specialized beta for these kinds of details.

Thanks for the help.