November 3rd, 2006

YST - seachild
  • torsui

shipping plants

my google-fu is failing me miserably for once. D: but in any case:

how does one transport small plants in bulk? orchids, violets, sod, anything small. it has to be alive, natch. preferably i need something packaged in a crate of some sort but if not, i can make do.

thanks in advance!
  • mordant

Tissue burning by fire

This question is in my field of knowledge, and it's annoying me that I can't think of what it is.

Autopsy reveals a badly burned patient, but the burns were chemical burns, not burns caused by fire.

Sentence is "The burns didn’t look like those incurred in a fire – there was no evidence of ??? injury such as blistering and blackening."

I'm scratching my head, but I can't think of the word related to burns caused directly by exposure to heat or fire.
purple butterflies

Manhattan buildings (Times Square, to be precise)

Hi -- another NaNo question. (This place sure does get busy around November.)

Are there any places near Times Square where two buildings are next to each other but don't exactly touch? I'm looking for not precisely an alleyway, but rather just a tiny walking space, preferably one that goes the entire length of the building -- more of a very thin passageway.

I've been to Manhattan only three times, and don't recall anything like this.

If I have to go beyond the general Times Square area, that's fine, but I'd like to remain midtown, if possible. (I'm striving for semi-realism, present day.)
Video Game Hank

Welding Workshop Smells

I have looked on Google for the better part of the last hour trying to find this, and it escapes me. :/ I have all the information on welding workshops that I need, I just can't get a good description of what one smells like. I've been able to find that there is a scent, but no good details on it.

The workshop is fairly small, and very frequently used. All tools and equipment are kept in good, working condition and all safe welding rules are observed.
  • flimsy

School year in Japan

I pretty much looked everywhere I could imagine, though couldn't quite find what I'm looking for.

I would need a description of a school year in Japan, not too detailed, just a few important dates - like holidays and exams -, and details about when the new school year starts and when the year ends for middle school senior students and general details about a senior's school year (e.g.: are the seniors' exams at the same time as those of the other students? Does it depend on the high school they chose when their year ends and when their exams are?)

Thanks so much in advance for any help - it'd be really, really appreciated!