November 2nd, 2006

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Albany streets

Surprisingly, this is not for my Cracktastic!NaNoWriMo fic, but rather, for a short story in class.

Anyway, what's the main drag in Albany, New York? I either need one of the larger streets (might be like University Avenue in Des Moines or Broadway or Fifth Avenue in New York or Mchigan Avenue in Chicago or whatever) or a street, that, on a map, is in the center of Albany. This is for a story taking place 350 years in the future, but I just need a bigger street in Albany. I'm absolutely horrible at reading maps, and, anyway, I'm rather hoping for the first option instead of the second. Any help would be excellent.
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Henry Flagler's participation with the occult

Guten Tag, I'm writing a story that deals with tying in late Victorian/early Edwardian New York City and present day St. Augustine through the East Coast Florida Railway owner, Henry Flagler. I've heard rumours of Mr. Flagler's dealings with the occult, and was curious as to if anybody had any more information on that. Wikipedia and Google have been uncharacteristically unhelpful. What I'm most interested in is the following:

What parts of occult practices was Henry most interested in? I've heard the talk of performing séances, but I was curious as to if it went deeper than that.

Was it common for people to attribute his vast success to the occult?

I've heard that he had quite a few prestigous people joining him in these things. JD Rockefeller is one, but I was wondering if anybody knew of any other names pegged to this? Perhaps, if nothing else, his other Standard Oil business partner, Samuel Andrews?

Thanks in advance!

Great classic?

Just a small details brought to you from the insanity of NaNoWriMo... If I want to mention a book as an example of a classic, great work of art that everybody knows what it is, would War and Peace work? I know it would work in Sweden, but I'm this time the setting is current time US, and the narrator is about 20 and not exceedingly smart or anything, just your average girl. Thanks a lot!

Edit: Thanks everyone for your input. I have a lot of suggestions now, and still haven't made up my mind of which one to use. As a reference, the sentence I want this little detail for is as follows "Most of them were for Nathan’s article I think, except for Adam, who acted as if he had written a new and more brilliant version of War and Peace.", in case that helps any further suggestions along. Either way, thanks for your input. I love this community!
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How does one address a Vizier?

I can't seem to find anything (in English or transliterated Arabic) and I'm fairly sure "Your Grace", while that might work with a fairly liberal sort, wouldn't sit well with a traditionalist.

Anyone? Can be Modern or Ancient form of address -- both work just fine in this instance.

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Horse Carrying Two Riders

This is in a modern setting but the two characters are on horseback. I've found lots of information via Google and agricultural extension sites about the parts of the saddle and the various gaits of the horse but this isn't the information I need. I need to know how a horse might carry two people aside from draping the person across the withers of the horse like a sack of grain (undesirable for several reasons).

I was thinking that, since the other person is hurt, that the taller of the two would guide the horse and the smaller of the two could lean against the rider with the reins draped around them before ending up in th taller rider's hands, as sort of a safety belt of sorts, but I don't know if that is possible.

I ride bareback, without a saddle, bridle, and reins so my own experience doesn't help. Does anyone know if this is possible or if the reins could be rigged to help keep the semiconscious rider in the saddle?

ETA: Thanks for the quick explanations! I should have mentioned that my initial thought was to cannibalize the reins to tie them int the saddle...and promptly forgot that even in a modern ranch setting, they'd likely have rope. Plothole aborted.
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Forced Blindness

Hi, everyone!  I have a question for you all :)

How would one go about forcing someone else to become blind?  Something that would keep the eyes intact, but destroy the retina or optic nerve or similar, and something that is fairly direct (that is, not blunt force impact from a car accident or something).  Also, for the setting of my story, I don't think high-tech things like lasers have been invented.  Would you be able to go blind from seeing a bright flash of light?  If so, how bright?  For how long?  Are there other similar ways?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

- hl
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Getting into filing cabinets

If one has filing cabinets that one wants to get into (e.g., metal ones, locked), how would one go about it? (Presume no personal lockpicking skills to speak of for our spunky intrepid frustrated heroine.) Could one bluff the cabinet maker with a serial number of the lock or something? Or is it going to require a locksmith/lock-picker? (Or, of course, the ever-popular destructive methods... Though that does rather leave the impression that someone's been there...)

EDIT: I love you all. Mmm, things to try. (Including, very likely, going to Staples and seeing if I can examine one of the things from the bottom and all sides...) Thank you!

Something to light... without candles.

Hello. :) An interesting question...

My Jewish family, in the midst of WWII, is in their ghetto attempting to celebrate Chanukah. But, alas, they have no candles! (Not yet, at least.) So what are some household things that they would have brought that could be used in place of Chanukah candles? (They don't have to be flammable or anything like that... just something to represent them.)

Dead end during NaNoWriMo... nooooooo...
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Japanese or Chinese gift giving traditions

I had a question about Japanese and/or Chinese gift giving, particularly between newlyweds or recently engaged. Does either culture have a tradition of husbands and wives giving each other gifts when they're married? Or even engaged? I've done a few searches and the only gifts that are turning up are the money gifts. What I wanted was a situation where a new husband or new fiance decided to find his lady a more personal present, say an antique box. Is spur of the moment gift giving frowned on? I was hoping there'd be some tradition I can exploit but I'm not seeing any.
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French judges and the CIA

Hi, need some help for a story, dear friends
Been wiki-ing and googling on the French juge d'instruction, the arm of the judiciary responsible for the investigation of serious crimes. Need to find out some things

How often and what kind of dealings would such a judge have with the CIA, if any? Would a juge d'instruction handle intelligence/classified materials?

My heroine's a CIA senior operative, and she's on very friendly terms with a juge d'instruction. Friendly enough to slip classified intel. Is that possible?

Thanks for the help, guys!
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ultimate sign of video game accomplishment

So. I have a young woman who's trying to fit in with a bunch of guys who play a lot of video games.
She plays them herself, but of course, none of the guys believe her, and think she plays "silly" games like Super Princess Peach.

What's something impressive she could say she's accomplished that would make hardcore gamers go "whoa"?
The thing is, it also has to be something the average reader could understand. This rules out super obscure games.

I know of games that are commonly played, but there are so many, I don't know what she could have played.

Any platform is fine, and it could even be computer games. I don't want something such as The Sims, though. I want her to look hardcore and, well, l33t. Hah.
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Princess Elizabeth's reading material

Hi, I'm back with another question about the youngest children of Henry VIII! I really appreciated all your help last time and I hope you'll be able to help me again.

My question is this: how likely is it that the Princess Elizabeth would have been exposed to (non-erotic) romantic poetry by the age of eleven or twelve? I'm not too concerned about which language, although I'd prefer Latin or Italian. Even if it wasn't a part of her studies, is it likely that she would have come across it in her spare time?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :)