October 28th, 2006


Oregon college student--classes & jobs

I have a problem child, commonly known as a plot. It is throwing fits and being difficult and you guys were my first thought, as I really don't know where to start.

My main character is a student at Oregon State University. She is a shy sophomore who is not much of a people person and spends--needs to spend, really--a lot of time at home. However, I'm not exactly sure how to go about it, since I'm not going to be in college for another couple of years.

How much of the day would a dedicated student spend in class? What classes would she be taking?  She's probably an English major, although Linguistics or History could work, too.

What kind of job would allow her to spend a lot of time at home? I was thinking of her being some kind of assistant sub-editor of some kind, but I'm not sure if that would leave her with enough at-home time, or if it would work out with her class schedule.

Thank you! Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

stabbing someone wearing a corset

Here's the scene: A young girl wearing a corset (the standard steel-boned kind...this is set in modern times) is walking home late one night and is attacked. Her attacker is wielding a knife. Nothing too fancy, probably just your normal kitchen knife, but that's alterable. Anyway, my question is this: if the blade of the knife were to hit one of the steel bones, would it bend or break in any way? Or would it just slip off and pierce somewhere else? I'm assuming the guy stabs her rather than slashes horizontally. Any help, however theoretical is appreciated.
Celes 2

On the speed of human decay

I have attempted to google this with little to no success. How quickly will a human body decay over a period of 3 days, starting from the moment of death, and how will that be reflected visually (i.e. sagging skin, discoloration, rotting eyes, etc.) ? I've found information about the PROCESS but not actual details. Cause of death is more or less simply that the heart stopped (no disease, no cancer/drowning/violence in death etc.), though it's not a heart attack. The body would remain in a suburban household in northern California, during those 3 days and not be exposed to insects, much sunlight, heat or humidity, if any of that is relevant. Thanks in advance!

Question about knee replacement surgery...

I'm writing a story in which one of my main characters is a former undercover cop who was shot in the knee during a drug investigation gone bad. Her kneecap was basically decimated. My question is, what kind of materials would a kneecap replacement be made of? Is it just basically plastic? And how long of a time would she have spent in the hospital and in therapy? Would she have problems with the replacement once she has recovered?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!