October 25th, 2006


Old West Saloon Food

Quick questions:

* What sorts of chow would be served in an Old West saloon, circa 1870? Assume that the place cooks grub of a somewhat palatable nature - as well as some really foul stuff - and has several live-in staffers who would depend on that food.

* How much would really good meal cost, in 1870s dollars? How about really BAD food? What would be a sample gourmet meal of that time and place? (I can imagine quite a few rotten ones...)

* Does anyone know what Old West prostitutes charged for various services?


I think I've seen the elephant, now. :)
Seymour/Yuna - Kiss

Song about incest/molestation resulting in triggering of unpleasant memories.

Hah, me again. Just a speedy one.

I've intended on, someplace in my novel, for there to be a scene where my main character is working in the kitchen, and his wife is in the common room listening to music with a stereo. The song she's listening to is about incest/parent-child molestation, which said character was a victim of when he was a child. His reaction, of course, would not be pleasant; he's a very quiet man, but the music would seriously upset and possibly unhinge him a bit. I thought that through it I could ekk out some details that I might not be otherwise able to display, but which would be quite explanatory of some of the character's 'oddities'. Now, the only problem is, I need a song. The song could be most genres, but alt. rock or similar would be preferable. Also, the subject matter needs to be at least somewhat apparent (So APC's Pet for example won't do), and the more graphic, the better. It's in the background, after all, and most don't immediately grasp more obscure meanings. I could use Idina Menzel's Larissa's Lagoon, though it's about a little girl, rather than a male child, and not quite the sort of thing his wife would like enough to bring on CD across the ocean with her.

Thank you very much.
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