October 23rd, 2006

1920's Cold Remedies?

Yes, you all can filet me if my Google skillz are terrible...
I tried Google and got the name of exactly one over-the-counter cough syrup, tried Wiki and got some awesome herbal remedies to add to my arsenal of 'em, but no cough remedies of the 20's and then I checked answers.com and got an e-bay ad that showed a statue with a syrup brand on it and another wesite, this time with a piccy... So three names and a picture nothing else. Also, I can't use anything with too high an alcohol content because the 20's was the prohibition...Help?
Oh, also no hard drugs please? I know they used to use some of 'em as remedies, but my character doesn't want to use them.

10/23/06- ETA: Alright, I rephrase that... Both me as a writer and my character don't like te idea of using, say, cocain to fix a cold. Morphine, legal amounts of alcohol and some mild opiates are okay as in the 20's, like everyone has pointed out to me (thanks BTW, help is much appreciated as I'm historically stupid), nobody saw them as hard drugs.
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Executive position offered requiring foreign relocation

Oi, hi there. Planning for NaNo. Love this community. I googled a little bit, but I couldn't find anything.

So here's the deal:

My character, an American, after graduating from a business school goes on to work for a company (for the sake of recognisability, we'll say Suzuki), has a knack for his work, and makes his ways rather successfully up the food chain, and, many a year later is offered a lucrative executive position--With a catch. He must relocate to Japan, where the company is based.

How likely is the above situation? Vaguely so? Absolutely not in the slightest? If not, I have another way it could be written, which is... a bit more cliche and angsty than I'd like, but nevertheless doable.

Thanks a lot for your help. :D

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Highgate/Hampstead Heath Areas


Thanks to one of the posters here, I know that the road (as in Swain's Lane) from Highgate Village to Highgate Cemetery is quite steep. What I would like to know is if the area East of the ponds that go along Highgate Road, which borders Hampstead Heath (also to the to the East) is hilly/steep as well.

Thanks. I love this site!
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Cheap neighborhoods WITHIN Paris limits?

Ok, I've exhausted my own Google skills, so I come to you! I need a cheap cheap cheap neighborhood WITHIN Paris, not a banlieue or suburb. Yes, I know, people say "there's no cheap places in Paris!", but best as you can manage.

Anyway, it needs to be somewhere where someone could live decently on as little money as possible without a roommate, but size of housing could be anything. An attic, something the size of a closet, whatever. As long as it's big enough for a mattress and and a few other things. Proximity to areas known for prostitution is a plus!

Thank you so, so much for any future help!!!! This area won't be hugely important to the story, but I'll need to have some sort of location to go by, esp. since one of the characters ends up on Montmartre and it'd be nice to know how long it took them to get there, etc.

ETA: Much thanks!!
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Elizabeth I and Edward VI

This isn't a "give me answers!" question so much as a "point me in a general direction!" question.

Basically, I read a book a while ago (Elizabeth and Mary by Jane Dunn, if you're interested) which strongly implied that Elizabeth I and her younger brother Edward VI were good friends when they were children. What I want to know is:

- is this true?
- can anyone recommend any history books or websites which discuss their relationships in any depth?
- can anyone recommend any history books or websites which talk about their childhoods (either separately or together) - relationships with adults, contact with their father, education, personalities. Anything!

And while I am looking for books and websites, I definitely wouldn't say know to any random bits of information you have to offer.

Thanks very much. :)