October 19th, 2006

Japanese sports

I've been googling this, and consulting Wikipedia, but my wording must be too vague. I'm looking for a sport that would have been played in Japan anytime earlier than about 1800. It should be a sport that can be played by two people alone, or at least practiced.

I've found kemari, but I'm thinking that's a full team sport.

If no one can come up with a Japanese sport, how about a Chinese or Southeast Asian one? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I would prefer a game played with a ball or something, not a marial art. ^_^ Sorry, forgot to mention that.

Medical question on passing out

Okay so I have looked for the answer to my question everywhere but I guess I am just not wording it right.

This is my question...
I have a character who's boyfriend beat her up. Less than an hour later a friend picks her up and she seems to be okay but her side is bruised really badly where he kicked her. She goes to sleep and wakes up 7-8 hours later and shes fine at first but than begins having trouble breathing. Is this possible? I mean, what would the doctors call it in medical words? She ends up going to the hospital and my main character talks with the doctor while she is sleeping and I am not sure exactly how to word what the doc should say. Any help would be great.

funeral/cremation & time frame, DUI question as well

I should have asked this when I asked my other question that was semi-related, so I apologize.
My several searches have yielded absolutely no information, so I would like to know if anyone can tell me how realistic that the following scenario is:
Adult character is killed in a car accident on a Friday evening, somewhere in the vicinity of 5-5:30pm. His family finds out later that night that the person who was at fault had been drunk. Dead man will be cremated, and the service for him is on Sunday. He is to be cremated in his 'armed services' uniform, but it is never said which branch of the military (US). Before the service is over, his son will slip a piece of paper in to his pocket, just a simple note to his father.

So here are my questions:
1.) Is it possible for the family to know by 10-11pm that night that the man who was killed was sober and the other driver was drunk? If not, what is THE soonest that they could possibly find out?
2.) The span of time between his death and the funeral service. Is it at all logical for someone to die Friday and have a funeral Sunday? Assuming there is no huge investigation and it is obvious what happened: drunk driver killed him, end of story. I know funerals usually can't wait *too* long, but I am not sure if ~2 days is impossibly soon, early but still possible, or just fine. It would really work if I can have it take place on Sunday. With the number of funerals I have been part of, I am disappointed in myself for not really knowing the answer to this.
3.) Cremation rules: Would the military uniform and paper note be allowed? These aren't vital, although I would really like to include the note. The uniform is not completely necessary, although it would simply add some descriptive qualities to the scene.
4.) How many days after the service would the family be able to pick up the man's remains? I have no plans for this as of yet, and although I would like it to happen as soon after the funeral as possible, whatever is realistic will work for me.

*phew* That's about it. Thank you all very much.
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Surnames and Disease!

Okay, so I have two questions that are unrelated but they're for the same story so I thought why spam with multiple posts.

So, anyways, for a plot purpose of a story that I'm working on I need a father and son to have different last names. They are biologically related, and the son's in the father's custody and they have a good relationship any everything... So I can't think of a reason why they might have different last names, but if they did it would help my plot fall into place much more easily.

In the son's childhood his mother dies, and she was the only child of her parents, and kinda the last of the bloodline (even though this is set in modern times). So I was wondering, though it would be unusual, would it be out of the scope of realistic for the son to carry on her last name for her? Or can you think of any other reason why their last names might be different?

My second question is about fast acting, easily misdiagnosed diseases. You know those "silent killer" diseases. It's important to the plot that a woman dies, and that it is a relatively quick death, that could have been prevented by her doctor. I was thinking maybe breast cancer, but I'm not sure. It's hard to find anything on google about misdiagnosed quick-killing diseases that don't make the doctor who did the misdiagnosing compltely negligent. It's important that the doctor in the story is a good guy, and that it was a mistake, but one that he can easily (and somewhat rightfully) be blamed for.

Thanks so much in advance for all your help! =)

PS: The woman who dies would be between 37-40 years old, if that's important for what disease it could be.

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1) One of my characters is a mute, but I'm having difficulty figuring out a reason why. I'd rather it not be anything psychological (such as selective mutism, which is what Google insists on giving me). Preferably he'd be mute from birth, but I'm not entirely sure if that entails being deaf as well, and that's something I'd rather not have for him. I'm open to some accident or sickness that damages his vocal chords at a young age.

2) Does anybody here know of a good movie that portrays the time period from the 1600's to the 1650's? It can be in any language, but it needs to be subtitled in English.

Thank you!


Thanks everybody, I've got everything I need. :)