October 17th, 2006

[me] elial silver makeup

Los Angeles Restaurants?

I have a bit of a dilemma. My hero, Alex, is taking the heroine out to dinner. The story is set in Los Angeles. He's independantly wealthy and money isn't a concern to him. However, the heroine is a goth girl and wouldn't be used to "high society" mannerisms. I'd like to be able to name a restaurant that would impress her but wouldn't have the "attitude" that would intimidate her... which is something I can't really find info on through Google.

Anybody have recommendations?

Red Fog

Silencing Your Victim

So I have a serial torture killer in my story. The very first thing he does is silence his victims. What I need help with is ways he can do that without using a gag. I'm talking rendering his victims unable to make any kind of sound. I want to say cut the vocal chords (cords?), but he doesn't want to immediately kill the victims. He needs them alive to "play" around with for awhile and not be disturbed by screaming.

Thanks for any and all help!