October 15th, 2006

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Police procedure for a dead intruder

Ok, so an intruder attacks my heroine in the apartment. She’s about to die when some one saves her, but she hits her head on the ceiling tiles so that she’s knocked out. When she awakens, the police are there. The intruder is dead, with no apparent markings on his body, or why he’s dead, and her rescuer is gone, with no evidence that he was even there.

-What kind of questions would the cops be asking her?
-Would she be charged with anything?
-If she lives in a tiny studio apartment, which is the crime scene, how long before she’s actually able to move back in and clean everything up?

Oh this also takes place in a big American metropolitan city (very much like NYC)if that's any help.

Thanks so much!

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Numbers on the bottom of bottles

This may seem like quite an odd question, but I'm trying to work it into a story
I'm working on. You know how there are numbers on the bottom of a plastic
bottle? What do they mean? I'm not asking about the numbers with the recycling
symbol on them but the number that's usually opposite that one, which isn't in a

I've found that numbers range between 1 and (the highest I've found) 26, but I
do not know what this stands for and if it would actually lend anything to a
story. Does it have anything to do with the water quality after so many re-uses?

But I'd like to give it a shot.

Any help would be lovely,

Edit: Sorry to the mods for not putting a subject line. That was silly of me.
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Military question: men accompanying a general to peace-talks?

I have a general going to conduct a peace negotiation with the leader of the enemy army. Who would he be likely to bring with him?

He isn't anticipating any violence from the enemy, and doesn't want to appear too threatening himself, but wants to make sure that if anything unpleasant happens, he has some kind of protection, or at least backup.

(Sorry if the answer to this is really obvious- I don't have a clue where or how to start looking. Thanks in advance!)

ETA: Damn, I always seem to leave out important details. It's for a fantasy story which is based on the Napoleonic era, and the general is part of an army based on the British army of the time.

ETA #2: Answered, I believe. Thanks, chickenfeet2003.
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Standard calendar across different planets?

Does anyone have any idea how I can handle trying to create a standardized calendar and time zones for an interplanetary nation/empire? I mean, because you'd probably have to take into account that each planet takes a different amount of time to complete one rotation, as well as taking a different amount of time to complete an orbit around their respective star. And then there's also the issue of how long it would take to travel between planets and such. I don't have a set distinctive technology for my story yet, so if any of you have solutions regarding that, I'm pretty flexible. Along those lines, can anyone recommend to me any fiction or such that deals with this type of thing?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I suppose I could just make it that the emprie creates a standard calendar based on their planetary habits and everyone else could just deal with it...

Big Nickel Sudbury Ontario circa 1977

My google-fu has failed me. I've found some scanty descriptions of the amusement park which once surrounded the Big Nickel in Sudbury Ontario, but no pictures or any real idea of how far off the highway it would have been. Were the other coins visible from the highway? What kinds of amusement park rides? Did they charge to enter the park or did you buy tickets for the rides? Was there a souvenir store? And was the area near it still like a "Moonscape"? (I did find that the major soil/vegetation restoration in that area started in 1978, but it wasn't clear whether that problem was visible from the highway as well.

My characters are arriving in Sudbury from Toronto via Highway 69 and leaving headed west on the Trans Canadian Highway, if that helps.