October 14th, 2006

John Locke

Medical question about walking

This is kind of a specific question which can't easily be answered by web searches or anything like that.

Here's a question I've been wondering about. Say you have a person who's not used to walking long distances for long periods of time. Specifically, a young woman. She's lived a relatively comfortable life, and hasn't had to do too much hard work. What kinds of aching or pains or other symptoms would she feel if she suddenly had to walk for days on end, only stopping a few times a day for breaks, between morning and nightfall. She's walking through a mountainous area, and so is only traveling about 7-12 miles per day.

So my question is basically this: what kinds of symptoms would such a person experience and about how long after beginning this kind of walking would she experience them?

Please let me know if you need more information.
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Multilingual cursing

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong community for this sort of question, but ...

Do bilingual/multilingual people generally curse in their first language, rather than the language of the area they're living in? For example, a German living in America would still curse in German? That's what I assume, but I would like some more enlightened opinions here.


This is one of those inquiries that puts you on some list... ;P

Some questions about dynamite. Is the "Bugs Bunny ACME" kind of dynamite stick the "standard size" of dynamite? How much blowing-stuff-up power does one stick have? How much blowing-stuff-up power do 6 sticks together have? (Specifically, what would happen at what distance from the explosion?) Are "Bugs Bunny ACME" sticks of dynamite used at all in demolitions today, or other stuff? Where can it be bought from/what sort of companies supply demolition teams? How would a regular person go about getting some?

Whatever questions you can answer in this avalanche of questions, I'll be amused and grateful.

handgun question (P99)

does anyone happen to know in what direction a walther P99 ejects? they're supposed to be fully ambidextrous without modification, but if they eject to the right, that's a bit annoying to the left-handed...

i've read all the specs, and there's nothing in them that addresses this, or i'm too ignorant of the terminology to be able to tell. thanks.

The invisible children

I heard this story once when I was younger and I wanted to use it in a story. But I can't remember exactly how it went. I think it might be an Islamic one, or at least a regional one from somewhere in the Middle East. Or something my childhood friend's creepy grandmother who loved to scare her grandchildren made up..

The story went something like this: Adam and Eve had fallen since long. They now had a lot of children. An angel came to announce that God would be visiting them. Adam and Eve felt embarrassed that they had so many children running around everywhere and told half of their children to dress up in their finest clothing and the other half to run and hide in the forest. (I think the story might even have included that they didn't have fitting cloths for all children)
When God came, he asked them if this were all their children. Eve said "Yes, this is every one of them". God asked them twice more, but each time both Adam and Eve lied. The rest of the visit went fine. God left and Eve called her children back home. But no matter how much she called, no one came.
"Stop screaming mother," a child called out. Eve looked around but saw no one. God had turned all the children she was hiding invisible.

From this day the invisible people have existed next to the ordinary people. If you throw something out in the middle of the night you should cry out a warning to them. You should not mock them by claiming they don't exist, or walk into their settlements either. They might get angry.. This part reminds me of the Swedish lore about vättar.

It's a pretty strange story and I can't find anything when I google it. Maybe I use the wrong words. My friend called them “the invisible children”, but it was a translation she made up herself. Have anyone ever heard something like this? I would be so grateful if I could figure it out.

Starbucks in 1989-1990 New York City

Does anyone know if there were any Starbucks were open and serving coffee in NYC during 1989 and 1990, also if yes, were they common or not?

I have already tried googling, and wikipedia told me that Starbucks opened in Seattle during 1987, and that they originally only sold coffee beans.

If there weren't any, do you know of any other overpriced coffee chains that may have been all over New York City?

Thank you for your help.
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Australian English slang

I need some help with Australian English slang and curses. My hero just did something stupid to mess up his relationship with the love of his life. He's beating himself up over this and I need him to be thinking sarcastic remarks to himself along the lines like "You are such a complete fool" or "You're such a dick."

Any suggestions?

You can never go home, War

Policies on releasing bodies to family from hospital

I've been combing through pages on hospital procedure for a while, but I'm having trouble finding an answer to this specific question. If someone dies in a hospital--in this case as a suicide--is it possible to have the body released straight to a family member, once all the necessary procedural stuff (forms, possible coroner's visit, etc) has been taken care of? That is, can you just take the body straight from the hospital without an intermediary funeral home or the like? How much rigmarole would be involved? What procedure(s) would have to be followed?

This is taking place in a US hospital in Tennessee, for the record, though I could shift the location to a nearby state if state laws vary enough to make a difference.

Thanks in advance!

Gabbylicks of Barber?

Has anyone heard of the above poem? I won't quote anymore of it because it gets ruder with every line. Could any latin specialists out there tell me if there is such a word as garriolatrix? I know it (or something similar) was the perpetrator of the medieval crime of slagging off the neighbours but my memory cells are falling off dramatically these days and all the latin sites I've googled haven't been very helpful. Thanking you in advance.