October 13th, 2006

Fluffy Vulcan

Paper stocks and/or inks (unusual)

My Google-Fu has come up empty. I'm trying to find a paper stock product that would be unusual enough that most print shops would have to special-order it for whatever reason. (Unusual colour, weight, composition. Not fussy.) Basically, the villain is waving a "come find me, suckers!" sign by sending a message on a sheet of this uncommon paper, knowing full well that once the hero analyses it, he's going to realize that only a handful of print/copy shops in the area could possibly have that stock on hand.

If that's unrealistic, I could go with an unusual sort of ink instead.
Saiyaloid Raditz
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Chinese vase to the head?

A woman of slightly-above-average strength throws a Chinese vase (about a foot and a half high, and fairly similar to this in terms of shape) at a man's head as he walks away from her.

He is about two metres (6 ft) away from her at the time. What kind of injuries would he sustain?

ETA: The woman is around 170cm tall (5'7"), the man is about 180cm (5'10"), and the vase... probably weighs about 5.2kg (11-12 lb).

Jewish naming ritual

Hello. I'm doing a story that involves a child born to both a Jewish and a Christian parent and I need to know the details that happen during the naming ceremony. I've looked at about.com, but all they tell is the story behind the ritual/tradition. What i need to know is

- about what age is this performed?
- are babies not given a middle name in order to later claim the Hebrew name?
- how many people are usually at this ceremony, and what relation are they to the child?

Thanks for any help!
Ame- Daisy by

Needing info on stately Wayne Manor...

Does anyone have a site or blueprints on the latest version of Wayne Manor from the comics? Or even the title of a special comic that has the info that I can find the torrent for? I've found info on Wiki and a couple other pages on the history of the Manor itself, but not any plans or blueprints. I'm needing something like the general layout. How many wings? Is there an indoor or an outdoor pool? How many floors? Stuff like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!