October 11th, 2006

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Superhero comics

I've Googled this without much success...

I'm after the names of at least one superhero comic that a British boy in the late 1950's to early 1960's might have read. From what I can understand, the American comics such as 'Spiderman' weren't available in the UK, but I might be mistaken.
The only British one I can find is 'Eagle', were there others readily available?

Thanks in advance!
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Fiber and long-term effects

Question - could fiber supplements be used as an alternative to straight-up laxative use for weight loss (yes, it is supposed to be linked to an eating disorder)? I have heard that this is true, but a search on WebMD and on google has not said much. Also, does anyone know the long-term effects of using fiber supplements for weight loss? Not the effects of the eating disorder, but just if the fiber supplements themselves can cause 'bad things?'
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Most common thermometer in 1989

In 1989, what kind of thermometer would an ER physician use to check the temp of a child with a convulsively high fever? (104-105, or thereabouts)

Digital stuck in his ear?
Those disposable strips they have now?
Or a mercury thermometer inserted rectally?
Or something else I don't know about?

EDIT (Wow! You guys are fast!): The answers are all over the board, so in case it helps, I'll add that the child in question is 6 1/2, thin but not malnourished, and the location is suburban Virginia. Not metropolitan state of the art, but not BFE, either.

(Dr. is checking the vitals because pt's dad saw a white coat when he walked in the ER door and wouldn't take no for an answer, and the kid is sick enough that the doc isn't making an issue of it.)
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Self Cut Hair and Polyandry

Two questions, actually -

1) I have a woman who is in her early twenties who is perpetually broke, but likes to look stylish. She wants to cut her hair short, but is going to do it herself. Now, I've googled techniques for cutting one's hair in the home, with regular scissors, but most people just say something along the lines of, "flip your hair upside down and cut in a straight line" or "put your hair in a ponytail and cut." I wondered if anyone here is a hair dresser who could tell me how actual stylistic cuts are done, or even someone who cuts their own hair regularly. Anything would help! Otherwise, I'll have to chop my own hair off and see how it works... ^.~ (I'll do it, too, if I have to.)

2) Can anyone point me toward literature about polyandrous societies, whether they be fictionalized or fact? Or share thought on polyandry-ism? EDIT: I have wiki-ed and googled it, I was mainly looking for fiction on it, or for any first hand experience with it. Guess I should have clarified, thanks.

Thanks, everyone, I appreciate anything at all that you can give me. ^.^