October 8th, 2006

Shotgun Angel

Airline flights in the 1960s

I have two characters flying trans-Atlantic (London to Boston) in 1962. They're in economy class. Would there be a seat pocket thingy? What would be in it? What kind of food (if any) would be served on such a flight? Most of the information I've been able to find applies specifically to present-day travel, and I don't know how much has changed since then.

If it makes any difference, the characters are a mother (mid-forties) and daughter (14).

Cutting off the tongue

I've been searching for a while on this, but I can't seem to find much.

I have a character who gets his tongue cut off. About how far back would his tongue have to be cut in order to stop him from being able to speak? (Speak clearly, at least--if he tried, he should still be able to talk, though it'd be hard to understand, right?) After it's been cut, how would he stop the bleeding? (He lives in a time period like the Middle Ages, if that helps.)

Also, I've read that the tongue aids swallowing. Would there be any problems with that after it's cut out?

If there are other problems he'll have, feel free to tell me. I'd greatly appreciate it. :D

Thanks in advance!


I didn't see a cannibalism tag, so I'm sorry if any of this has been covered before.

Ceviche -- traditionally, chunks of raw fish marinated in lime juice (with other ingredients to taste). The proteins in the seafood are denatured by the acid in the dressing, "cooking" the fish without heat.

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Murder Mysteries Dinner Theater

Has anyone ever been to one of those "Murder Mystery Dinner" events or weekends? I'm looking for personal observations and experiences.

I'm particularly interested in the actors' point of view. Who acts in them, how do you get hired, how much do you get paid? Anything along those lines.

And if you've been a customer, how much does one interact with the actors or the story? How interesting was the story the actors did? Really, I'm interested in anything about the experience.


I've put up several different question on this community and I'm always grateful for the replies. Sometimes the answers sent me off on tangents I didn't see before, so thanks for any and all answers.
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Meadow growth

I've found scholarly articles which give my too much information which is too specific. I've found information which gives me an estimate of how long it takes for a wooded area to return to pre-fire conditions. None of this is what I want.

If a deciduous forest (actually think 'light woods' of the kind you can often find around suburban housing in the southeast of the US) suffered a major fire in mid spring, what would it look like at midsummer? I gather it would be a 'young' meadow, but I'm not sure what that would look like.