October 6th, 2006

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Non-lethal firearms

I'm looking for a specific handgun and/or type of handgun ammunition which is non-lethal, yet harmful at close range.

For the sake of clarity: My main character is going to be shot in the chest from across a room (15 feet max). The character who's doing the shooting expecting to demonstrably hurt, but not kill, him. Bruising, maiming, the bigger the better, so long as it won't kill him. Preferably, it should tear his clothing as well, but that's not strictly necessary.

All forms of tranquilizer guns are out, but, other than that, neither cost nor expertise (in using or knowing to use the weapon) is prohibitive.

EDIT: I should point out that there is absolutely no chance of the character actually dying, since he's bulletproof, and that the character who's doing the shooting has no intention of actually killing him.

SON OF EDIT: Thanks, everybody! Looks like I'm going to go with plastic/acrylic bullets.


i've googled, and i can't find a specific answer - i've read some travel diaries, which narrowed it down to "somewhere between ten days and nearly a month, depending..."

i'd like to know how long it would take a steamship, mostly cargo, some passengers, to sail from yokohama to san francisco, c. 1910. it's not specifically a passenger ship, so it's not built for speed...

i probably don't need a very exact time-frame, but, damn it, NOW I WANT TO KNOW!!
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Dryads in Celtic Mythology

Hi all, I'm doing a bit of work with Celtic mythology at the moment, and in general, Wikipedia and Google have had my back, but I just can't get anything on this, so I'm turning to little_details. Basically, I need to know if there is a specific name for dryads or tree spirits in Celtic mythology. I've got a bit of leeway--if there were a specific fairy, Tuatha de Danann, sidhe, etc, or even something from Scots Celtic, Welsh, British or Norse mythology that resembled a dryad, that would be fine. I can mishmash. But I just don't know what name I should be searching for, and, of course, searching "dryad" only brings up Greco-Roman myths.

I also need to know if there are any specific rituals associated with tree spirits in general. Putting them in the canon of fairy lore, there'd be iron (/steel), oatmeal, church bells, and a whole slew of plants and rituals aimed at protecting mortals from them; is there anything similar in Greek mythology, perhaps? Or, again, i can mishmash mythologies, so any rituals associated with tree spirits from pretty much any religion would be doable.

Thanks for your time!
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Cleaning a Gun

I've Googled and dug through Wikipedia as well as several target shooting and NRA sites to find what I need...and I haven't. They all say that cleaning a gun after use is important and many of them tell you how to clean the gun. They do not, however, describe what problems a gun which hasn't been cleaned in a while might have.

My character is cleaning his service revolver. It hasn't been cleaned since it was fired months ago. When he finally sits down to clean it and put it in working order, what types of problems will he find? And what could more experienced officers rib him about (other than the fact that a man who depends on his gun really shouldn't leave it in that condition)? I want him mad and embarrassed but not fighting mad or humiliated.
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Norway to USA Visa Applications

Hi everyone. =3

Does anyone know anything about visa denials in Norway? A character in my fic has had a business visa (a P visa, for entertainers; he's a musician) to the USA denied, and I need to know:

- How the denial is communicated. Letter or phone call (or anything else)?
- If it is a letter, if there is likely to be a government stamp (or any other identifying mark) on the envelope (and which government?).
- If it is a letter, where it will have been sent from - the US embassy in Norway or the Norwegian embassy in the US (or anywhere else)?

Also (and this may be a very stupid question indeed), what time, on average, do postmen arrive in Norway? I need to know what time I have to have a character wake up so that he comes downstairs and finds a letter already on the mat. I tried the Posten website but the English version of their site is very limited. D:

Thanks very much in advance

Car accident speeds

I have tried my own searches and I really have no idea where to start with this, so I am coming here to beg for help. My apologies, my Google skills are usually fairly decent, and I did check the community memories.
A person (drunk) is speeding down the road in a huge SUV. At this time, there is someone in a small sedan pulling out of a parking lot, hardly moving as they are just beginning to turn left.
Said SUV hits the sedan: the passenger side of the SUV takes the hit, and the driver's side of the sedan gets hit and the car's driver is not so lucky. However, I plan on having the SUV driver survive the accident with seatbelts and airbags; however, I know that even those measures cannot guarantee survival at high speeds.
So, here is my question: how fast could the SUV be moving to ensure that the sedan driver is killed instantly but the SUV driver survives and/or is relatively okay? It is not vital that he walk away with minor injuries, just as long as he can be taken to the hospital and have it be fairly certain that he will easily survive.
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Missile hits and wide-body jets

Hello everyone, my first post here after lurking for a bit :-)

Am writing a scene in a story where a Boeing 747 is shadowed, and eventually hit with a missile. Am thinking of a short range, infra-red seeking missile, say an Vympel R-73/AA-11 Alamo.
What's left me puzzled is what would happen if the missile hit an engine? Would the 747 still be able to fly, albeit crippled and in trouble, and what would the pilots possibly do in reaction to the damage?
Looked up Wikipedia, and the closest I get is the downing of the KAL 007, which looks as if it is very different from what I need

Any help here's appreciated :-), thanks!