September 28th, 2006

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16th-17th century names for semen


I have a priest turned necromancer who has used his semen in in his spell casting. The setting is 1628 Ireland, but the necromancer is English by birth. He was highly educated and is extremely arrogant. My question is: what would he call his semen? I am especially hoping for a term that would not be understood by someone with a poor education. I have googled and wikied, but haven't found anything useful. I know about the term 'seed,' but that seems too common for this character and too easily understood by the peasant who overhears him bragging.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Question answered! A huge thank you to everyone who responded. I love this community!

Age Range for Minor Children

I Google'd this and browsed through the statutes for both the state of Texas and the state of New Mexico with no results which answer my question. Texas Legislature Online appears to have moved the page I need and I have no idea where I would search in their statutes. LexisNexis also failed to load the documentation for the state of New Mexico. Wikipedia explains the term "age of majority" and "age of consent" but doesn't detail what the age of majority is for each state. The article on emancipation of minors in Wikipedia only talks about California and Utah.

I DO NOT need to know age of consent. This isn't a sexual situation. These are the questions I need answered:

- At what age can a child be declared emancipated in Texas and New Mexico (assuming these states have emancipation laws)
- a legal description of the process for each state, including the terms of emancipation
- the age of majority for each state, assuming emancipation does not take place

I'm trying to determine if it would be realistic for a fifteen year old member of the Navajo nation (I already looked up their laws and it states they defer to the state standard regarding these issues) to be emancipated in New Mexico and if she would be considered a minor in the state of Texas regardless of emancipation status (that's for story purposes, not necessarily based on reality).

Artificial insemination

Tried googling but all I got was AI for animals, and that won't exactly help me. xD

I have a lesbian couple who would like to use artificial insemination to have their second child. They already have a donor and now I just need to know what happens next. They're going to be going through a clinic for this rather than a turkey baster conception.

Basically, what I need to know is the timing of it all. I know that the woman has to be ovulating, the donor has to provide the sperm, and that the sperm is then "washed" before being placed inside the woman and soforth. But how long does each process take and what's the length of time between it all?

Is it clear what I'm looking for? I'll clarify if necessary.

Edit: They're not doing invitro, the sperm will be injected into the woman. Also, the donor is a close friend so he'll be able to provide sperm whenever it is needed.
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Stylish Hard Fantasy question

In the climactic scene of Weepee* Prime, an ... object about 80kg in mass is converted into a black-hole. Now, now, don't worry, I already did the calcs in this fabulously useful thing here so I know what would happen - BH lasts for about 0.4 of a nanosecond, then detonates in a burst of Hawking radiation.

There lies my question: given that this happens on land (not in space), would the Hawking radiation irradiate the environment as a dirty bomb or nuclear meltdown would? Is Hawking radiation "dirty" or will the blast just ash everything within a coupla miles radius?

The existing comments show that the blast radius would be absurdly greater than what I need so ... related query. Suppose, instead of a black hole, the object is compressed into neutronium. Would that reduce the blast radius?


*WIP, Work In Progress etc
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Folk Story

I'm doing a bit of research just now on a folk story from Lincolnshire, UK. It's called The Green Mist. Googling has turned up any number of retellings but what I really want to find out is if there are any equivalent stories from anywhere else in the world.

Very briefly, a young girl is dying in the winter and wishes that she could at least live to see the cowslips bloom and would die with the first of them. She is given a short reprieve and spends a lot of her time tending the cowslips outside. An admirer stops by while she's outside and talks to her for a while. Before he leaves he hands her one of the cowslips that he picked while she was occupied talking to him and she dies as the flower fades.

Does anyone know a story with a similar idea to this? Or any ideas where I could look?
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Rogue's Slang?

Okay, so I was looking for 18th-century euphemisms for 'penis' (don't ask...), and I came across one which was described as coming from late 18th-century rogue's slang. So naturally I was curious about this slang, and set off to find out more about it, as it sounded like it would be quite appropriate for my story.

I found a grand total of 15 results, almost of of which came from the site where I first found the phrase. However, none of them told me what exactly it was. So please, if anyone knows anything about rogue's slang (from the 18th century or any other point in time), please, please let me know!


ETA: My original search was also depressingly unsuccessful. Can anyone suggest an 18th-century euphemism for 'penis' that a fairly crude young woman might use when talking to a friend?

ETA #2: I think I have my first question answered. Thanks, folks!

ETA #3: Second question pretty exhaustively answered. Thanks, everyone- you've been a great help!

Leg amputation: indication and experience

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding leg amputation, specifically referring to the TV show House. If you're familiar with it you know the kind of leg problem he has. Now my question would be, if he had gotten an leg amputation, what kind of amputation do you think he would have gotten? Considering his problem lies somewhere in his thigh (which is where he keeps rubbing), he probably would have gotten a mid-fermur amputation, no? Perhaps even a hip disarticulation.

I've done some research on different kinds of leg amputations and somehow they keep going into the details of how to do it, but not what the indications would be. Also, I read that with transfemoral amputations the length of the residual femur is inversely related to the effort it takes to walk with a prosthesis later on. So, in other words, does it even make sense to leave just a tiny stump of the femur behind or is it generally more desireable to preserve the joint so the prosthesis can have maximum mobility?

Adding onto that is my question if anyone would be willing to share first hand experience with me on how it is to live with a leg prosthesis. Either a transfermoral or a hip one, or however you actually call it. Is it very difficult to walk with it? How much do you need to rely on your crutches in order to be able to walk steadily? Do you find that it impedes your daily life a lot or did you get used to it and are comfortable with it all around? How exactly do they attach to your body? I've found some articles on people who manage to continue with their hobbies without problems, such as this hip disarticulated guy who's playing golf. Is that relatively common or exceptional?

Thanks for your help! ^^
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Leaving Japan

It's 1869. An older woman, an incredibly wealthy dowager, who has lived in Tokyo since 1862, has recently suffered the loss of her entire family: her sons and grandchildren are dead. Due to this, and also because she was rich to begin with, she now has a crapload of money (it doesn't matter how she managed to get all of it; she's pretty subversive, but now she's got her late husband's money and the rest of the money in the family). Seeking a new start, and wanting to escape a country that caused her grief, she decides to pack up and leave Japan. Where does she move to?

Traffic Violations and Punishment

Well, I've tried Googling this but can't really get anything specific.

My question is, what kind of penalty would a person incur if they did the following:

A blind girl and her friend are out in the woods when her friend hurts her leg and can't drive. The blind girl sits in the driver's seat and, according to her friend's advice, presses the pedals and helps steer. They go to the police and it is obvious that the sighted person (who is also the legal owner of the car) did not drive out of the woods.

The girl has been blind since she was 14 and has never had a driver's liscence, however she is currently over the driving age. This story takes place in Ontario, Canada in the present.

Thanks a lot in advance!

EDIT: Thanks for your helpful replies! It looks like she'll get off with no penalty (the absolute discharge idea sounds about right).