September 25th, 2006

photo shoots for a university class

I checked Google for this, but all I seemed to find was advice for models. :-\

1) If a student were in a mid-level photography class, say, and doing a photo shoot with one of her friends as the model, could it just be her shooting or would she need other people helping her? (Or does it depend on the camera setup?)
2) What sort of commands would the person who's doing the shoot give to the model?
3) Is there any sort of preparation for a shoot that someone who only knows vaguely about this sort of thing (ie, me) wouldn't know about?

Thanks in advance.
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Designing a matriachy

EDIT (again): Thankyou for all your replies, they're great, although man do I have a lot of research ahead of me :)

Long, rambly post, I'll understand if noone can help. Just googling to double check I knew nothing turned up heaps of info, so this community has helped already :)

I'm looking for either information or just better search terms to help me design the nature and societies of an inherently matriarchal1 humanoid species. I'm mainly after societies/species where females are in power, but ones where both sexes have power are useful too. The kind of questions I would like to be able to answer but can't are

-What happens to an unfaithful husband? Wife?
-Would women be allowed to be soldiers/other male roles? (I'm assuming men would generally be barred from female roles)
-What would the attitude be towards homosexuality? (obviously this would probably vary so I can say what I like, but I'm curious as to precedent)
-What is the attitude to unmarried/childfree women?

Any fiction with plausible matriarchies would be good too. The "Dark Jewels" trilogy was interesting, most of the ones I've come across feel like metaphors expressing the authors take on gender rather than workable societies.

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Brigante names


This is a follow up to a previous post of mine about languages. I have a problem naming some of my protagonists. Roman names are easy to find online (Wiki especially has a nice set of resources on them) but there seems to be a dearth of information about Brigante names. My googling comes up with a load of references to various artists and authors with the surname Brigante and a few references to the tribe itself but no actual lists of appropriate names apart from one or two historically relevant ones which I am wary of using. It would be like naming a character who was a writer Shakespeare, I feel :) Wiki does the same.

So, I am looking for appropriate names for Brigante characters - both male and female. Preferably a website which has a list of names with english meanings associated with them (I know there are several of these for Norse names, for example). I could check for a list of generic 'celtic' names but again not really sure how appropriate that is given the few names I have found are actually not all that similar to celtic names

Anyone able to help?
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Hospital Codes

Hi! I'm writing a batfic in which Scarecrow escapes from Arkham by releasing his fear gas in the ventilation system and slipping off in the confusion.

Now I've been Googling for how the emergency might be announced over the PA system, and I'm thinking that it MIGHT be a 'code orange'. At least that's what some hospitals use for a "hazardous chemical spill." Other hospitals use it for a bomb threat.

I'm just wondering whether I'm right about calling it a code orange, whether there's a better code, or, barring that, if I choose to invent a code, which colors are currently "free" and won't be unintentionally humorous? (I've got a funny feeling that announcing a 'code periwinkle' just wouldn't work well.)

Catholic hymns

Are there any hymns particularly associated with Liberation Theology or the Catholic Worker movement? Basically, I'm looking for something that's the equivalent of "We Shall Overcome." The story itself is set in the near-future, but I'd like to err on the side of traditional rather than contemporary, if possible.

Google suggests that there may be a Catholic Worker song that goes, "Courage, Sister; Courage, Brother. You do not walk alone. We will walk with you, and sing your spirit home," but alas, does not provide any lyrics beyond that.

Bonus points for anything that references, however obliquely, themes having to do with prisoners or justice.

EDIT: Thanks so much, folks. You've given me a lot to work with.