September 21st, 2006

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Best Parties In All Of Space And Time

It seems I only post to this community with the weirdest questions...

The scenario is thus: You're one half of a pair of teenage twins, half Japanese/half English, and with the ability to travel through time and space to any point in the past or the future, travelling solo without supervision for pretty much the first time in your life.

Where's the party at?

They're normal teenagers in at least one respect, so occasions of historical note alone are no good - there has to be drinking, and preferably also dancing and good food and girls. So far I've got a few of the really obvious ones - a famous martial arts tournament, one of the particularly grandoise funeral games in ancient Rome, and an execution ball in revoluntionary France, plus I've made up one or two futuristic ones. Exhibit A. (The girl) likes fighting and drinking and things of that ilk, so she's picking most of the options. Exhibit B. (The boy) likes cute, adorable things, to which so far the only ones I can come up with is Disneyland Paris at Christmas (I'm looking it up, but if anyone wants to save me the trouble and tell me if ever it snowed on Disneyland Paris at Christmas, and give me a date, I'd be much obliged). Anything between 1914 and 1945, including VE Day, are off-limits for continuity's sake, and I want to avoid Millenium-related parties, and I'm particularly after at least one Japanese one. Other than that, let your imagination run wild.


Poppy music in 1996

I'm writing a 13 year old girl, and having trouble with her tastes. She's the kind of girl who would be into Steps, S Club 7, and Westlife if she was around now, and was English. However, she's American, and it's May 1996.

Any ideas on what she would have been listening to?
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Victorian Era Poems

Does anyone know of any poems famous during the Victorian era, preferably before or during 1851, that deals with beginnings and endings? It doesn't have to be about death, but more of 'beginning of the end' or 'ending of the beginning' types. Or even 'the end of the this, and the start of that' types. Music lyrics will do too.

Google and Wikipedia was no help, for they gave me book listings and biographies of poets. Argh.

Thanks in advance!
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