September 19th, 2006


college sports recruiting questions

I've got a character who plays high school basketball and is looking to play Div I in college. I've done a TON of research on recruiting and I think I have the general idea of it all. But there are a couple things that I just cannot figure out.

1) At what point will he hear from recruiters saying, "yes, please come to our school"?

2) At what point will he hear about scholarships in relationship to those offers?

3) I assume he has to also submit regular applications to those schools; will he have to wait until their regular notification dates (I think all the ones I'm toying with are April 1) to hear if he got accepted to the actual schools, or will his being an athlete speed that up in any way?

Sherlock Holmes Peruvian Hat

Abdominal Trauma

I haven't been able to find info on this that isn't vague. But my character is a female who has gotten pinned beneath heavy debris from a collasped building. She has severe abdominal injuries including fractured bones and probably internal bleeding. She does not live long enough to be rescued. What sort of injury would she have and how long would it take for her injury to take its toll?

Plowing in medieval times

I've googled and wikied this, and have some good info, but I'd like to know how uncommon it would have been for a peasant farmer in medieval times to plow with only one ox as opposed to a team.

I've learned that in medieval times most peasants shared resources such as oxen in order to have at least a team, if not 4, to plow with. But for my story, I want the family to be more isolated. This is a society of my own invention so I'm throwing out certain feudal/serf traditions.

If there was such a thing as plowing with only one ox, what would the harness have looked like? More like a collar rather than a yoke?

Indie Clubs in Los Angeles

Hey hey!

I was wondering if the american Hipster's in this community could help? I'm writing a story about an English hipster boy who ends up working in Los Angeles. He's very much into music, and going clubbing in anywhere which doesn't do music like Tape's 'n tapes, ladytron, Bloc party, Cansei de ser sexy E.C.T is not an option. It has to be a fairly Indie music night/club.

I was wondering what clubs Los Angeles hipsters would take him to, what kinda things usually happen (do they mainly have a band first, then an indie disco), what there names are, size, e.c.t. I would goggle, but I think that I'd rather know what the populance says and what the people actually say about the clubs themselves. Are there certain people who keep turning up or good local bands that haven';t been signed. The more randon/less well known but well respected the better. Same also applies to good cheap vintage/hipster style clothing stores, bars and record stores. Plus also what bands are hot out there at the moment.

Thank you in advance

Plan of Ancient Rome

Google turns up plenty of maps of the city of Rome itself in ancient times, but I haven't been able to find any dates attached to these various maps, and, given some of the people a lot of the buildings are named after (Augustus, Trajan), I'm thinking they're too late for the time period I'm dealing with. I'm looking for a plan of the city of Rome (and perhaps the surrounding area) circa 44 BCE (gee, I wonder what he's writing about...). It doesn't have to be extraordinarily detailed, but some major street names/district names and at least a scale would be nice.