September 17th, 2006

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"sorting" new people in a school chorus

In a story I'm writing, a group of seventh-graders (the youngest at their school) is excited about that day's chorus class because they're going to be evaluated and sorted into their appropriate vocal group (soprano, alto, etc.). Problem is that I don't know the technical term for that. I had to do it about five years ago, when I was a little seventh-grader singing for my school chorus, but I was so nervous that day that I can't remember what that actual "sorting" process is called. Can someone help me? Thank you!

Edit: I'm going to call it "section placement". Thanks!

18th century clothing storage

In the early 18th century, how were clothes kept? (I'm thinking specifically of a gentleman, here.) Was clothing more likely to be folded in drawers, or hung up in armoires/wardrobes? Were shirts and coats kept seperately? What about shoes?

I've tried looking on Google, and all I can find are sites for antiques and home furnishings.
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Fake desifgner things, high school stuff and Russian education

So, I have three mostly unrelated questions.

Question the first is about fake designer products: I have a scene where an English girl snarks an American girl for wearing somethinmg fake - got any suggestions as to what would be a good thing? I am thinking fake Buberry but I don't know if an upper-class east Coast American teenager would wear Buiberry (story is set in modern day, no later than 2008 max) Something decidedly British, though, and v. "posh". I am not very familiar with designer things aso looking at the internet is not making any sense at me.

Question the secoind: I know that American high schools do a lot of things where schools meet up for competitions and so on, but the detaisl kind of escape me.. but what sort of an event7thing would be likely to bring together students (freshmen) from a small Californian town with ones from an affluent unspecified East Coast school? A sporting event? A debate.. thing? something to do with bands? An academic bowl?

Question the thir: How old would the average freshly-out-of-wherever-they-produce-them elementary school or equivalent be in Russia?
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Scornful women in literature?

My character is comparing himself to one of the countless men in literature left pining over a woman who's spurned him, not returned his love, etc.

Except that I can't think of any examples off the top of my head. Help? Preferably older literature, preferably in poetry.

Thank you!
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Two questions - the Royal Marines and multiple gunshot wounds

In my novel, one of the main characters used to be in the Royal Marines. For the plot I need him and his Fire Team to have been doing recon (preferably in a town) in Iraq, and get ambushed. What I wanted to ask was, is he more likely to get this sort of job if he's part of the Recon Troop of his Commando unit, or as a member of the Special Boat Service? As far as I've been able to glean, both fulfil reconnaissance roles, but I don't know enough to judge the difference.

The ambush results in the rest of his Team being killed, and he survives but with multiple gunshot wounds. I know one is to his leg and one to his arm (leaving him with a limp and restricted movement in the arm), but I don't know enough about gunshot wounds to know where else is survivable. I'm thinking five shots overall, with one maybe a lung puncture? He's in the field in Iraq, so that means field medicine, though he can of course be flown to other countries for hospitalisation (assuming he can be moved without killing him.)

Thanks for the help :)

Hospital etiquette; names

Hey all. Having trouble finding out something this specific:
Would it be reasonable to assume that a staffer in a hospital (university, psychiatric ward if it matters), would on their nametag have only their first name? Or would it be first and last? I've been in the hospital, but I can't remember this. I know doctors had their surnames, but I don't remember this regarding nurses/orderlies.
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Everyday life in New York, 1893

My characters are living in an upscale if small townhouse in New York in 1893. I have a few questions related to everyday life in that era:

1) What neighbourhood could the house be in? I'm looking for a place fairly close to downtown, but a safe neighbourhood.

2) Would the lights in the street the house faces be gas or electric? I assume the alley lights would be gas, if there were any at all?

3) Would the stove be gas or coal, if it was newly bought?

4) How old would the typical law school graduate be? What would be his job title if he was hired by a medium-sized law firm fresh out of Columbia Law School?

General advice about research (keywords, sites, books) of upscale New York in 1893-1895 would also be welcome. I'm okay with the lowscale bits thanks to various sites and Herbert Asbury, but the everyday life of the higher society's a closed book to me. Is there anything like Emily Post's Etiquette with the information about how things looked like thirty years earlier?
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Puncture Wounds to the Chest

Hello again, everyone. You all were absolutely fantastic with my two previous questions, so I am imposing on you again. :)

I've read through both the 'gunshot wounds' and the 'injury' tags, and though I found one question that was similar, I still haven't quite found the answer I'm seeking. Basically, can someone tell me if the information here is correct?

That's gotta hurt.

And, if I want my wound to be higher up in the chest (unlike the helpful illustration), nearer to the right shoulder, is the field treatment and/or risk of collapsed lung different? The puncture is caused by an arrow, with no exit wound.

As usual, thank you all very much in advance.