September 14th, 2006

Overabundance Of Schoolin'

Typical Japanese schoolday

What would a typical schoolday for a Japanese ninensei (14 year old - basically 8th grade) look like?

I know they start with homeroom, and then stay in the same classroom throughout the day, with the different teachers coming to the classroom to teach the classes. They go to other rooms for things like science labs or PE. But beyond that, I'm drawing a blank.

Is this even correct? How many classes per day would they have? How long are the classes? Is it the same classes every day or does it rotate? Are the classes at the same time each day, or does that rotate as well?

Mothers and all....

Sorry if this may sound like a very odd question but to all the mothers,midwives and anyone who works with do you know when babies need, well want to be breastfeed? I'm trying to incorporate a scene like this in fanfiction but I am finding it hard to write.

Thank you in advance.


EDIT: I have gathered the fact there is rooting and crying involved. Thank you everyone for helping. :)

Nocturnal Pack animal varieties

I am looking for possible nocturnal pack animals which CAN and WILL live in underground dens. The size and shape is approximately that of a dog. With out a name it is hard to look up on Google or Wiki. I'm looking for broad classes, so "Fox" is good, not "Arctic fox", "red fox", etc. (I can find the sub-species myself afterwards)

Here is a partial list I've come up with:
Fox (too small, not pack)
Wolf (excluded for other reasons)
Dog (just not what I'm looking for)
Dingo (possible, but just does not seem right)
Coyote (solitary animals, too large for dens)
Hyena (closer to cats than dogs, and alread excluded)
Jackal (seems almost perfect)

This animal will basically be a totem animal for someone, and I am looking for it to be perfect. Are there any other animals that meet these criteria that I am missing?
well MY characters...

Point me to a ship.

I need a certain type of ship. I've done some wikipediaing, and checked the tags to this comm, and I have small ideas, but all I know of ships could probably fit on a promo pamphlet. This is for Nano, so I have time for research, and the narration allows for some vagueness in terminology, but still. I need a jumping-off-point for my research, because I've little idea what to look for.

What I need: It should a medium or small ship, (crewed by about six to nineish, if possible), more for shorehopping than anything else; it should be capable of bringing small amounts of cargo, but I could get along with "this isn't a cargo ship, I dunno what you're thinking." Time period is mid/late eighteenth century. Speed is good, but it should be one that's easy to maneuver - this is more important than speed, ultimately.

The simpler, the better. I know a very little of sails and rigging, and I don't want to have to BS too much of it (if there's a site with nice pretty drawings explaining things in layman's terms, I'd be glad to see it).

Direct Questions: Can I, instead of cannon, have smallish ballistae for my missile weapons? (I know it's cannon do damage to other ships, but it's not other ships I'm looking to do damage to.)

Food? Food storage? There'll be a number of journeys into cold climate - anything different about storage then? (Also, what about the IM IN UR BASE, EATIN UR FOODZ problem: do insects & animals living in/off said food die in said cold climates? Will we have supercooled rats?)

Anything else you can think of I forgot, I'd appreciate. Thanks in advance!
alan dare

Chronology of a Victorian-era trial

Okay. I have a story set in a pseudo-1890s or so, and near the end of the book, a huge crime is exposed, resulting in a trial. Basically, a group of people are involved in ongoing criminal activity against this one guy, resulting in serious harm to him. One guy gets a conscience and exposes the crime, killing one of his co-conspirators in the process, and confesses. All these people are politicians and this would be a HUGE national scandal. The guy who confessed is perfectly honest about what happened and willing to take his punishment, but the other guys in the group will want to try to pin as much blame as possible on that guy to save their own hides, so I imagine the trial will mainly be about that.

Anyway, I don't go into too much detail of the trial in the book. All I want to know is just a very basic timeline of events. What happens immediately after the confessing guy goes to the authorities, how long does it take before the trial occurs, and how long the trial would likely take.

I could find plenty of links describing actual trials in the Victorian era, and that has helped, but none of them covered a crime where the main perpetrator of the crime confesses, and the victim is still alive and relatively forgiving. I wasn't sure how this might affect things. It seems like it might simplify matters, but I don't know, so I wanted to double check here.

The Heart Is Always Greener On The Other Side

I read somewhere some time ago about a rare condition - occuring in less than 1% of the population, if my source is to be believed - in which most of their vital organs - notably their heart - are on the other side of the body. I'd like one of the central characters in a story I'm writing to have it.

I know that there's a technical term for it. But I've nary a clue what it is. I don't suppose any of you wonderful people would know?
Eowyin is no living man

Gun shot wound question

Ok, I've managed to write myself into a corner, and my beta suggested that I could ask here.

In my last chapter, I had a character holding his stomach (I'd guess lower abdomen covers it too), bleeding from a gun shot, left side. I'd read about some people lucky enough that a bullet would pass through the abdomen and not touch any of the organs there, but I'm guessing those are one in a million shots since there's a lot of organs in the lower abdomen area. My question is, what kind of wounds could my character get through that kind of shot, that would only require two months of recovery? I need him to survive, and be fit for service at least one more year, and so far my choices looking at an anatomy book are the spleen and the left kidney, but I'm not so sure about that. Or is the 'only grazed' the organs an option for a wound that bleed a lot?

Can someone lend a hand? *gets shot*

My google-fu has turned up nothing like what I'm looking for. Many years ago, I read a poem for children where the narrator/writer spoke of a nut being eaten, a tongue being numbed by frost and soap being dropped in the bathtub, perhaps not in that order. Unfortunately I can't remember title or author, only an approximation of the last four lines:

This is the hand that cracked the nut,
That dropped the soap,
That touched the frost,
This is the hand that never gets lost.

It's not actually for a fanfic--more of a design project, but I would have liked to use it as content somewhere. Does anyone know which poem I'm talking about and where I could find it? Many thanks in advance!