September 13th, 2006

Rocks Fall - Everyone Dies

Earth fae

Looking for some creatures that broadly fall under the "fairy folk/elemental spirit/fantasy race" umbrella, that are traditionally associated with earth and stone (esp. mountains).

Dwarves and Gnomes are the obvious choices, but I don't want to use either, hence my asking.
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Death in German folklore?

I need a name that could be used for the personification of Death in Germany and surrounding regions. It can derive from any era post AD 500, though it might also be from an earlier mythology in the region if it survived up to that point. The original deity/spirit could be a ruler of the underworld, but the problem is, I need a male (der Tod, after all), so I can't use Hel. I'd rather also not use Odin, since the personality this guy has is brash, proud and not too wise.

So far I have Yama for India, China and Japan, Azrael for the Middle East, Morana/Marzanna for the Slavic countries etc. Is there a similar figure in German folklore that has a name I could use?

Resort Hotels

It's NaNo time again, and this year's novel is post-apocalyptic. To that end, I must ask:

What kind of/how much of various supplies do upscale resort hotels keep around? Let's say the hotel in question is the kind that will cater to a patron's every possible need; what kind of things do they keep on hand, and what do they rely on getting from nearby towns? And how many months supply of anything--including cleaning products--do they get at a time?

The hotel I'm thinking of using is Banff Springs (or whatever it's called these days), which is nearly wilderness and has all the requisite winter and summer activities you'd find in the Rocky Mountains, along with spas, a few different styles of restaurants, that kind of thing. The apocalypse in question involves no electricity and extremely limited fossil fuels, but no radiation or plagues (at least, for the moment). There are towns around, but they'd be a fair walk away, and nearly impossible to reach safely in the winter.

Any ideas?

CDC Question

I'm writing a fic that requires a decent knowledge of the day-to-day workings of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta, and I was wondering if anyone had any first-hand experience there or could refer me to a book, fiction or otherwise, that focuses on its procedures. Is it more laboratory-oriented or more administrative-oriented? Formal or informal? What kind of work would a high-level official, such as the head of the infectious disease branch, do on a regular basis? I don't need specifics so much as I need a general feeling for the kind of atmosphere I'm going for, so I don't write my characters overly formal or overly informal. Right now, I'm pretty much just going by my own experience in other government labs (non-biocentric) like NIST or NRL...
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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

For the longest time i've been looking for this video/song. Does anyone remember like in 1998 or maybe later there was this Nike commerical with Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan. And it had this song in it that went "anything you can do I can do better" and so on with clips of Mia and Michael doing different sports and Mia always showing him up one. Does anyone know where I can find that video.? Cause in a story that I'm working on I make a reference to that commerical but I cant remember the whole thing.